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Minecraft hits impressive YouTube views

The ultra popular game from Mojang Studios just hit one trillion views on Youtube. Congratulations Minecraft!

Which player does not know Minecraft? This sandbox game developed by Notch, then by Mojang Studios, has become in just 10 years an essential reference for the video game industry. Its unique graphics, original gameplay and community make Minecraft an extremely popular, multigenerational game. Today, the game has managed to break a new record… on YouTube.

Indeed, this December 15 marked the celebration of the trillion (one million million) views reached on the platform, for all videos. Minecraft confused. For the occasion, the studio congratulated the players, as well as the content creators and other actors of this victory, via a very special video, in the colors of Minecraft.

A collective victory

This stage is collectively that the game succeeded in reaching it, and it is thanks to the fervor of the videographers that Minecraft shines internationally today. That’s why the developers sent a special message to the community, and explained in concrete terms what the trillion views represent:

If each of those trillion views lasted only a second, that would be over 30,000 years. If each view were a 12-inch-side Minecraft block, you could build a stack from the Earth to the Sun and back again – with around seven million miles to go. That’s the size of a trillion views.

So how do we get to this result? We’ve looked at the data – the 12 years of daily downloads and views by tens of thousands of creators and millions of viewers – and now that we’ve got our way, we can show it to you.

Exponential growth

The most impressive still remains the fact that it took more than 8 years to Minecraft to reach 500 billion views, and just two more years to double this already staggering number. The game has therefore witnessed ultra rapid growth in recent years, surely due to Minecraft Dungeons.

Because, in fact, Minecraft can no longer be reduced today to its sandbox experience that everyone knows. Since Mojang Studios took over, we have seen the emergence of the RPG Minecraft Dungeons, which uses the same graphics as the original game, but brings a deeper and more linear story to its universe. In this title, players must fight monsters, explore dungeons and loot treasures, all with the ultimate goal of defeating Arch-Illage, the great villain of the story.

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