MIT creates intelligent fabric that responds to the movements of its wearer

Scientists have long sought to unite technology and clothing to bring clothing into the modern era. Precisely, researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have just presented an invention going in this direction. This is OmniFiber, an intelligent fabric that can detect and respond to the movements of its wearer.

Specifically, the fibers of this fabric can bend, stretch and rewind on demand. This tissue could also provide real-time tactile feedback, which would bring it closer to an artificial muscle.

smart fabric

This smart tissue could help better regulate breathing

Even though this invention seems disruptive, Engadget says this is not the first time that researchers at MIT have sought to design artificial muscle fibers. However, OmniFiber is distinguished by the fact that it does not need heat to change shape.

Concretely, researchers suggest that this tissue could one day be used by athletes and singers to better control their breathing. In addition, it seems that this tissue can also be used to help someone find natural breathing after a respiratory disease such as Covid-19 for example.

In any case, the researchers at MIT plan to push their research on OmniFiber. They now plan to develop a manufacturing system that would make even longer smart fabrics.

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