Miyazaki thinks more players will finish Elder Ring compared to other FromSoftware games

We are only a few weeks away from the release ofElden Ring on consoles and PC, without a doubt one of the most important games of the start of 2022. A FromSoftware production which, as usual from the Japanese studio, should be particularly demanding… But without alienating the more players should complete the game, in the words of its director Hidetaka Miyazaki.

After discussing the game’s lifespan, the Japanese creative opened up about its difficulty in an interview for PlayStation Blog.

More accessible, but not easier

The great novelty of‘Elden Ring holds in its open world—a feature of the title that will drastically change the game for players, without making it any easier. ” In Elden Ring, we didn’t knowingly lower the difficulty of the game, but I think more people will manage to complete it this time.. Far from having made concessions on the challenge, Miyazaki highlights the much more open aspect of the progression of the game, leaving players the choice to approach each part of the story at their own pace. The producer goes so far as to say that ” the action is not really the heart of the game“, but rather the approach taken by the players, whether direct or stealthy.

Multi in the spotlight

Another size change for Elden Ring : Miyazaki promises to have made multiplayer even more accessible than before. Without going into details, the director claims that the development teams have ” reduces the number of obstacles to overcome before you can call for help and ” receive help from others“So much so that even FromSoftware games can be considered solitary experiences.

In addition to the forthcoming release ofElden Ring, Miyazaki also took advantage of the interview to talk about a game that marked him: It Takes Two, the title from Hazelight Studios. “The game gave me no respite and I was never bored,” says Miyazaki, before confiding that he was “ touch by the scenario of the game as a young father. ” This game made a strong impression on me and at least it was a game that I managed to finish!

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