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If you are looking for a new mobile plan that is better suited to your needs. We have made a selection below. January is always a good month if you want to save money on mobile subscriptions.

Historically, the month of January is a very good month to change your mobile plan. Operators are starting the year strong to attract new customers without delay. At the moment, some are particularly generous, like the MVNO Prixtel and Bouygues Telecom. As an outsider, there is RED by SFR which displays a package with commitment and a smartphone offered.

B&You, the non-binding plan by Bouygues Telecom

Bouygues Telecom offers a range of non-binding subscriptions under the B&You brand. The latter is a huge success for its value for money, but also the associated services. If you are looking for a mobile plan to manage online with maximum convenience, you have come to the right place.

Currently, the entire range of B&You packages is benefiting from a great discount. For example, the mobile plan which includes unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 70 GB (including 12 GB in the EU and the overseas departments) is sold at a price of 12.99 euros per month. For French people with a classic use of data on their mobile device, the package with 40 GB for 9.99 euros per month will even be more than enough.

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That said, we invite you to think in the long term because the volumes of data are growing exponentially. So you might as well take a mobile plan with more data than what you are currently using. With the operator Bouygues Telecom, you have for example 100 GB which are priced at 14.99 euros per month. Better still, there is a subscription with 130 GB for 18.99 euros per month.

If you have very limited use of your smartphone (and data), there is the possibility of going for a mini price: 4.99 euros per month for 5 GB. If you are very often on a Wi-Fi internet connection -Fi (at your home or office), this may do the trick. However, you should not watch streaming movies in 4G or share your connection. 5 GB is still small if we put it into perspective with the volumes of data exchanged in 2022.

By opting for a B&You mobile plan, you benefit from the Bouygues Telecom network. It is the second best network in France, just behind Orange but ahead of SFR. Please note that this entire range is non-binding. Finally, the operator’s customer support is known to be excellent (and we have experienced it), this is a positive point when you take out an online subscription.

Prixtel, a very good MVNO

To differentiate itself from traditional players, the MVNO Prixtel has imagined a very original – and very transparent – ​​mobile plan. By relying on the SFR network, this operator allows you to pay as close as possible to your actual consumption. You will therefore avoid the oversized package or the off-package. Everything is done so that the price of your subscription is always consistent with your usage.

To do this, Prixtel has imagined a package with data levels. By default, the three formulas available from him come with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. It is the volume of data that will influence the price of the subscription. Month after month, the price will therefore evolve according to the daily needs of each person. And as you will see, it is the most competitive package on the market.

The Le petit mobile plan is the most affordable of the range, and it is the one that includes the month of data. The minimum threshold that you will pay is 4.99 euros per month for 40 GB. If you need an extension, you will then switch to the 50 GB envelope which is 7.99 euros per month. Finally, the third level is at 60 GB and it is at 9.99 euros per month.

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Month after month, depending on your actual usage, you will therefore switch between these three levels of data. This always allows you to pay an amount closest to your needs. For 4.99 euros per month, no other operator gives you 40 GB. Similarly, no other offers you 60 GB for 9.99 euros monthly.

By adopting this same principle of levels, Prixtel has also developed two other subscriptions. However, the Le Grand and Le Géant mobile plan includes more mobile data. The first displays levels of 80, 100 and 130 GB per month for respectively 6.99 euros, 9.99 euros and 12.99 euros. The second is more generous in data: 100 GB at 9.99 euros, 130 GB for 12.99 euros or 160 GB for 15.99 euros per month.

The original RED Deal from RED by SFR

While Bouygues Telecom is relatively classic, RED by SFR is also very original with its RED Deal mobile plan. The latter combines a package with a free smartphone. At the moment, the operator allows you to receive a Redmi Note 10 5G worth 269 euros as a gift. However, you will have to commit to 24 months for the package in order to receive the phone.

In detail: the mobile plan in question comes with all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS and 100 GB (+ 15 GB in the EU and the overseas departments) for 15 euros per month. Over the 24 months, this will therefore cost a total of 360 euros. By withdrawing the gift of 269 euros (ie the Redmi Note 10 5G), it really comes down to 91 euros over the entire period. Or also 3.80 euros per month.

This tip is really very easy to get. We really advise you to take advantage of it, in fact it is the best deal on the market. You can learn more about this special RED Deal mobile plan here:

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