Mobile phone plan. RED by SFR draws a 100 GB deal at a crazy price

Until Monday morning 9:00 a.m., RED by SFR is selling off two telephone subscriptions. The first mobile plan doubles the usual data volume for 5 euros, while the second offers you 100 GB for 10 euros per month. Two nuggets to grab quickly.

Last weekend, RED by SFR delighted us with a very nice ephemeral offer. Since this Friday at 5:00 p.m., it has renewed its operation with packages that are however slightly different. Two non-binding mobile subscriptions stand out: the one with 100 GB for 10 euros per month, and the one with 10 GB for 5 euros per month.

To discover the flash offers, it’s here:

I take advantage of the offers

In recent years, carriers have been a little less generous with discounts due to the rollout of 5G. This network update is costing them dearly and they are forced to revise their discounts downwards. It is also for this reason that many players are forced to raise prices on historical subscriptions.

It is therefore necessary to know how to jump from one offer to another, depending on the prices. Throughout the weekend, the RED by SFR mobile plan is at an exceptional price. In detail, the first package includes all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 100 GB of data in France and 15 GB in the EU and the overseas departments for 10 euros per month. A few hours ago, RED by SFR sold the 100 GB for 15 euros per month.

Rare, an attractive 5 euro package

When we know that RED by SFR is already ultra competitive by default, this offer which is 30% cheaper than the classic price applied by the operator is attractive. Keep in mind that this is a flash sale so it won’t last very long.

If you consume much less data, the operator has a second subscription at a reduced price. It is interesting to note that the latter was also not available last weekend. In detail, it also gives you all unlimited calls, SMS and MMS, 10 GB in France and 7 GB in the EU and the overseas departments for 5 euros per month.

Mobile plans at 5 euros (or less) are becoming increasingly rare on the market. With 10 GB per month, a good part of the French will be satisfied with it. With the development of telework and Wi-Fi connections (at home or in the office), this envelope should be sufficient. However, if you have long public transport journeys where you watch videos, you will have to opt for the 100 GB package.

I take advantage of the offers

An original bonus

Clearly, the Big RED with the mobile plans detailed above will be a huge success. At the same time, RED by SFR is also promoting an operation called RED Deal. This one is more discreet on the operator’s official website, but in reality, it turns out to be much more interesting. We invite you to read the reasoning below, you will quickly understand.

The RED Deal breaks down as follows: a mobile plan with a 24-month commitment on one side, and a free smartphone on the other. You therefore receive the smartphone without any conditions – and you can resell it directly if you want to offset the cost of your 24-month plan. At the moment, this phone is the Oppo A54 5G which is priced at 259 euros on the shelves of Fnac for example.

In parallel, the mobile plan also includes 100 GB – except that it is 15 euros per month and requires a 2-year commitment. In total, adding the cost for each month, it will cost you 15 euros x 24 = 360 euros. If you are skilful with the resale of the Oppo smartphone and you collect 259 euros in capital gain, the real cost of your plan will only be 360 ​​– 259 = 101 euros. This also corresponds to 4.20 euros per month.

Whether it’s the first two no-commitment mobile plans (10 or 100 GB) or this RED Deal, the three offers have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are ready to go for the long term, the RED Deal is ultimately the cheapest. If you are thinking short term, the Big RED is non-binding. Besides, the price for 100GB and 10GB are highly competitive. We haven’t seen better in the last year.

To discover the RED Deal, it’s here:

Discover the RED Deal

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