Model 3 is the best-selling car in Europe

Tesla is clearly a separate company. If the electric world is booming, Tesla is the symbol of this expansion.

Tesla is surely the most famous brand of electric and autonomous car in the world. But on top of that fame and record market cap for an automaker, Tesla is also a company that sells, a lot.

The Model 3, the brand’s entry level, thus became the best-selling car in Europe in September 2021. It is quite simply the first time in automotive history that a car electric is the best-selling car on the old continent.

With 24,591 units sold in Europe, the latest report from JATO dynamics puts the Model 3 right at the top of its list. In front of much more standard models like the Renault Clio or the Dacia Sandero and the Volswagen Golf at the foot of the podium. These four models have sold more than 15,000 copies during this fall month.

If these figures are to be put in perspective, given that they only take into account the sales of new cars and therefore forget the second-hand market in their calculation, they remain a very good symbol of the current electric transition and of the domination that Tesla takes within the latter.

Growth made to last

Even beyond European borders, a study recently released by LeaseLoco shows how Elon Musk’s firm dominates its market. She estimates that a Tesla is sold every three minutes. Figures that are unlikely to stop anytime soon.

Indeed, Tesla intends to launch at the end of the year or at the latest at the beginning of next year the manufacture of cars within its Gigaractory in Berlin, Germany. Such a plant should be capable, according to Elon Musk’s statements, of producing no less than 520,000 copies per year. What to establish the domination, already outrageous, of Tesla on the competition.

Today, a Tesla Model 3 costs no less than 43,800 €, despite this rather high price, the American firm dominates sales and even allows itself to increase its prices. With the automotive industry crippled by unprecedented semiconductor shortages, Elon Musk’s firm slips through the dots and continues to produce even more cars.

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