Modern Warfare II finally finds its release date!

The sequel to the reboot of the cult FPS saga is coming very soon and Activision has some surprises in store for us for the month of June.

That the fans of call of duty rejoice, the long-awaited sequel to the reboot of Modern Warfare released on October 25, 2019 will land on consoles and PC very soon. Almost three years later, to the day, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II will arrive on October 28.

Activision Blizzard is still very elusive about its new game. The studio has just revealed a short one-minute teaser showing us the faces of the main characters who are making their return. We then find John there “soap“MacTavish, Simon”Ghost“Riley, Captain John Price, Alejandro Vargas and Kyle”Gas“Garrick.

The game still does not have the right to gameplay images, but it will not be long. Indeed, the teaser video displays a strange code that reads “D-8-22”, which probably means that Activision Blizzard has some surprises in store for FPS fans for next June 8. This would coincide perfectly with the various announcement conferences planned during the summer to replace the E3 which was canceled this year.

Answer the call of duty

The players of call of duty will have plenty to take care of this year sinceInfinity Ward has an impressive amount of content in store. Indeed, the developer is not only in charge of this new title which will arrive by the end of the year, it is also in charge of the new version of the battle royale Warzone which should arrive together with the new opus.

This year 2022 promises a massive evolution for the franchise since the two games that Infinity Ward is preparing will introduce a brand new graphics engine to give the series a facelift.

The series of Modern Warfare is certainly the most important for fans, and the success of the first part of the reboot was proof of that. Activision Blizzard is betting big with Modern Warfare II. The release of the two new Infinity Ward titles by the end of the year may help to raise the number of license players after the substantial losses at the start of 2022 following the various scandals within the company.

See you very soon to discover the first images of this new game and its brand new graphics engine which will honor the performance of next-gen consoles.

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