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With its retro and colorful look, Logitech goes out of the box by offering a wireless mechanical keyboard that looks like a modern typewriter. An originality that hits the bull’s eye in the graying world of office devices.

More and more keyboards rely on ergonomics and comfort, but it must be admitted: design side office accessories do not always shine with their originality. Products stamped gamers sometimes manage to stand out, with a slew of RGB lighting to make tuning enthusiasts green. This time, however, Logitech hits hard. After releasing a discreet powder pink version of its Logi Lift ergonomic mouse, the brand unveiled the keyboard at the start of the year. Logi Pop Keys, a wireless mechanical model intended and designed for social network addicts.

Design: the keyboard star

Logipop keys keyboard
© Amandine Jonniaux / Journal du Geek

Available in three original colors (blast in yellow and black, heartbreaker in raspberry, and daydream in purple and green), the Logi Pop Keys keyboard stands out in the office accessories market. In addition to being colorful, it also offers a particularly elaborate design, with round keys and a slightly raised keystroke that is reminiscent of our good old typewriters. His TKL format (Tenkey Less, no numeric keypad) makes for a relatively compact device, definitely pleasing to the eye. Note also that a mouse called Pop Mouse and also wireless is sold separately to complete the whole, offering your workspace the most Instagrammable of setups.

With its assertive design and pastel colors, the Logitech Pop Keys will probably not please everyone. It will be above all a matter of taste, but on our side it is a real crush. The bet is all the more successful as beyond its colors, the keyboard offers a rather impressive sense of detail. All in matte plastic, we appreciate its perfect finishes, as much as the originality of the chrome escape key, which definitely has its little effect. On the right side, the brand fully assumes its social media loveadding five customizable keys dedicated to emojis.

Beautiful, original and well finished, the keyboard also seems solid, which allowed us to take it with us to alternate between teleworking and face-to-face. Only faults that can be found at this stage: despite a compact format, it remains quite heavy (780 grams), and peaks at nearly 3.5cm high, which does not bode well in terms of ergonomics. Especially since unlike the Logi Ergo K860 that we had the opportunity to test last year, the Pop Keys does not benefit fromno wrist rest, which would no doubt have been more practical, but less photogenic. Too bad too, it does not have feet that would allow you to adjust its inclination for a better grip. Under the keyboard, there are simply five non-slip pads, as well as a compartment intended to accommodate the two AAA batteries supplied and the Logibolt receiver. The autonomy announced by the manufacturer is three yearsenough to see coming.

Handsome and smart

This is the case with most of the brand’s wireless devices, the Logi Pop Keys offers a Bluetooth pairing or via its Logibolt dongle for support on PC/Mac as well as smartphones and tablets. In addition to a secure and highly responsive connection that pays homage to the mechanical keyboard, the device also benefits from the EasySwitch, which ensures the passage from one device to another with a simple click on one of the three dedicated Function keys. So many options that have become the norm for Logitech, and which it would be hard to do without on a daily basis.

Logipop keys keyboard right view
© Amandine Jonniaux / Journal du Geek

In addition to its universal support and its classic functionalities, the originality of the Logi Pop Keys lies in these five dedicated emoji keys. Currently reserved for Windows and macOS media, this addition positions the keyboard a little more for social use. Designed to save time on social networks, the device not only aims to be Instagrammable, but to make life easier for content creators, or anyone who works directly or indirectly on the Internet. Once again, the brand pushes its sense of detail far, since it adds four additional keys to perfect the customization of the keyboard. Everything is configurable from the Logitech Options softwarewhich allows you to modify all the shortcuts at your leisure, without being limited to simple emojis.

In use, on the other hand, we regret the absence of backlighting. The autonomy of the device would obviously be affected, but this is a real comfort, especially in the event of prolonged use or in the dark. Instead, only four LEDs light up the Shift and Easy Switch keys, which we think is pretty light.

Strike: do you have to suffer to be beautiful?

In addition to being very beautiful, the Logipop Keys also offers excellent typing responsiveness, and this is rare enough to be underlined, especially for a wireless keyboard. The brown TCC switches allow a very satisfactory speed even in game, as well as an excellent rebound. The sound level is inevitably increased, but the experience remains faithful to the typewriter aesthetics of the device, which is not unpleasant in the end (except for your open-space colleagues, who may quickly hate you).

Brown mechanical logipop keys keyboard
© Amandine Jonniaux / Journal du Geek

With an activation distance of 2 mm and a total travel of 4 mm, the keyboard is certainly more responsive, but fatally slower than a butterfly keyboard when it comes to typing quickly and well. After five or six hours of typing, the comfort definitely starts to fail. The round format of the keys, their height and the depth of strike quickly form tension in the wrists, and impose regular breaks.

However, the Logipop Keys stands out for its responsiveness. The mechanical format has many advantages, including supporting up to six simultaneous keys, which makes it very versatile for both word processing and gaming. Let’s just note that for those who would like to use the device all day, it will probably be necessary to bet on a less original model, and more ergonomic.

Price and availability

Logipop keys mouse view keyboard
© Amandine Jonniaux / Journal du Geek

Available in France since the end of January 2022, Logitech’s Pop range is offered in three decidedly very successful pastel colors. The keyboard is sold at a price of 99€, while the matching Logi Pop Mouse is priced at €39.99. If it is not the most ergonomic model of the year, it benefits from an excellent quality-price ratio, and almost perfect finishes. No wonder he’s been invading our Instagram timelines for weeks.

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