MoviePass 2.0, this technology tracks your eye movements during commercials

Over the past two years, the movie theater blamed the blow of the pandemic. Many of them were forced to close their doors, if only temporarily. Others survived, but with great difficulty.

Movie Pass 2.0, a new subscription service, was launched to encourage cinema attendance. It allows you to earn entrance tickets watching ads through the app.

The MoviePass app has been around since 2011 but only became popular from 2016. Unfortunately, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2020. Stacy Spikes, its co-founderheld a conference on February 10 to explain how it aims to breathe new life into the application thanks to MoviePass 2.0.

Preshow analyzes our eye movements

Spikes indicated that you must watch advertisements streamed by MoviePass to your phone to earn virtual credits. This virtual currency allows members to purchase movie tickets for themselves or for others.

Furthermore, this MoviePass 1.0 update introduces new features. In particular, it uses Web3 technology and has a virtual currency. MoviePass 2.0 also includes a facial recognition app called PreShow.

PreShow analyzes the movements of your eyeballs to ensure that you are looking at advertising before giving you new credits for buy tickets in cinema. An ad appears on your screen, then your phone’s camera detects your face and scans your eye movements.

New benefits for members

Stacy Spikes claimed that Movie Pass 2.0 gives users more power, control and freedom. Unused credits were accumulated with those of the following month. You can transfer credit to another user for troubleshooting.

The MoviePass app displays the number of credits available in your account. It indicates in real time what are the broadcast times and the rooms available. You can even reserve specific seats in certain partner cinemas. Note that on busy days, cinema seats cost a little more.

Stacy Spikes went further to promote her new app: the company has opened part of its social capital to its subscribers. Members who have purchased MoviePass actions benefit from numerous advantages, including lifetime membership.


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