Movies and series coming to Netflix in February 2022

Here is the list of the best films, series, documentaries and anime that join the Netflix streaming platform (for France) in February 2022 in the order of broadcast.

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The Apprentice: ONE Championship Edition
Date: 1/02
Synopsis: Candidates from around the world compete in wits and strength to land a $250,000 job in the ONE Championship sports media empire.

How to Raise a Superhero: Season 2
Date: 1/02
Synopsis: Nicole continues to raise Dion who has a lot to learn about his powers. But as he grows in power, danger may be closer than they think.

Dark Desire: Season 2
Date: 2/02
Synopsis: As Alma tries to rebuild her life, a reunion with Darío rekindles a doomed affair and reveals a much more disturbing face in him.

Date: 3/02
Synopsis: In this semi-improvised crime comedy, eccentric detective Terry Seattle teams up with clueless stars to investigate a series of murders.

Ola finds his way
Date: 3/02
Synopsis: After a heartbreaking event, Ola sets out to find herself while trying to raise two children and make ends meet.

In the Shade of Magnolias: Season 2
Date: 4/02
Synopsis: New relationships, old wounds, local politics… Together, the magnolias seek their balance and juggle between life’s pleasures and annoyances.

Only Jokes Allowed
Date: 9/02
Synopsis: Six of South Africa’s finest comedians take the stage and shine with their talent in this collection of short stand-up shows.

Who has a golden idea?
Date: 9/02
Synopsis: Brazilian entrepreneurs present their ideas to an audience and a celebrity jury. But to win 200,000 reais, they will also have to meet some major challenges.

Disenchanted: Part 4
Date: 9/02

Until life do us part
Date: 02/10
Synopsis: In their dream villa, three generations of the same family juggle the demands of their wedding planning business and their personal crises.

Inventing Anna
Date: 02/11
Synopsis: Entrepreneur or scammer? A journalist investigates Anna Delvey, who posed as an heiress among New York’s elite. Based on a true story.

Toy Boy: Season 2
Date: 02/11
Synopsis: As Hugo investigates the explosion, he and his friends face new adversaries and unprecedented difficulties at work.

Young Wallander: The Shadow of Crime
Date: 02/17
Synopsis: Kurt investigates a horrific and mysterious death, apparently linked to an explosive news item that had been one of Rask’s first cases in Malmö.

Love Is Blind: Japan
Date: episodes 1-5 02/8, episodes 6-9 02/15, episode 10-11 02/22
Synopsis: In this reality TV series, Japanese singles who dream of marriage meet, seduce and get engaged… even before they have seen each other.

Love Is Blind: Season 2
Date: episodes 1-5 02/11, episodes 6-9 02/18, episode 10 02/25
Synopsis: A new adventure begins for singles in the blind search of true love. Who will find happiness and who will come out heartbroken?

Every loyalty
Date: 02/14
Synopsis: A seemingly happy marriage begins to fall apart when the husband’s fidelity is questioned and the spouses are tempted by others.

life in circles
Date: 02/14
Synopsis: In a luxurious apartment tower, six women whose marriage is on the rocks take the step of infidelity. Based on the manga series by Kurosawa R.

Swap Shop: Bargain Radio: Season 2
Date: 02/16
Synopsis: The bric-a-brac of some makes the happiness of others. Seasoned collectors flock from all over Tennessee in search of bargains, even jackpots.

Who is lying? : Season 1
Date: 02/18
Synopsis: Stuck together, five high school students who have next to nothing in common find themselves united by an assassination — and secrets — during a deadly game of cat and mouse.

Space Force: Season 2
Date: 02/18
Synopsis: General Naird and his dysfunctional but touching team have four months to prove to the new administration that Space Force must not disappear.

Date: 02/22
Synopsis: Cartoon madness and an interactive quiz come together in a new series from the creators of “Black Mirror”.

Twice 15 years
Date: 02/25
Synopsis: Anita, 30, rediscovers her 15th birthday and gets involved in each other’s stories. But she soon realizes that the only life to correct is her own.

Vikings: Valhalla
Date: 02/25
Synopsis: In this sequel to “Vikings”, 100 years have passed and a new generation of legendary heroes yearns to forge their destiny and make history.

Juvenile Justice
Date: Coming Soon
Synopsis: Having to deal with complex cases, a judge reconciles her aversion to cases of juvenile delinquency with her convictions in matters of justice.

Love, Life & Everything in Between
Date: Coming Soon
Synopsis: This ode to Valentine’s Day set in different Arab cities is a dark humor anthology series about love in general and relationships in particular.


Anne Frank, my best friend
Date: 1/02
Synopsis: Inspired by the real friendship between Anne Frank and Hannah Goslar, from Amsterdam under Nazi occupation until their painful reunion in a concentration camp.

Through my window
Date: 4/02
Synopsis: In love for a long time, Raquel finally discovers that her feelings for her neighbor are mutual. But the family of the young man does not see the story in a good light.

Looop Lapeta: The Infernal Loop
Date: 4/02
Synopsis: When her boyfriend misplaces a mobster’s money, Savi embarks on a life-saving race against time. She will then have to overcome a strange series of impasses.

The Privilege
Date: 9/02
Synopsis: At an elite private school, a wealthy teenager and his friends uncover a sinister plot while trying to unravel a series of supernatural events.

Into the Wind
Date: 02/10
Synopsis: On vacation at a seaside resort, an ambitious medical student experiences her first love with a local kitesurfer. But no one shares their enthusiasm.

Love Tactics
Date: 02/11
Synopsis: Not believing in love, an advertiser and a stylist who runs a blog make a bet to make the other madly in love, using unusual tactics to do so.

Love on a leash
Date: 02/11
Synopsis: Followers of love that hurts, two colleagues sign a pact making them consenting partners in play, pleasure and pain.

Date: 02/11
Synopsis: Android cooks, security drones… or evil robots? In this sci-fi comedy, the idyllic future cracks when technology rebels.

tall girl 2
Date: 02/11
Synopsis: For Jodi, landing the lead role in the high school musical is a dream come true, but the pressure puts her confidence in herself and her relationship to the test.

Date: 02/17
Synopsis: In this sweetly spooky short film, monstrous creatures escape from a magical storybook and wreak havoc on Aunt Opal and her niece Nina.

Date: 02/17
Synopsis: In this short film, high school girls Nikki and Sam are in love and plan their future together, until Nikki’s dark past puts everything in jeopardy.

Forgive us our trespasses
Date: 02/17
Synopsis: Hunted by Nazis who exterminate the disabled, a young boy with a deformity makes a terrible decision as he flees to save himself.

Fists revenge
Date: 02/17
Synopsis: When a killer with supernatural powers tracks down a murderer in Bangkok, his quest for revenge turns into a fight to save the world from an ancient threat.

Chainsaw Massacre
Date: 02/18
Synopsis: In this sequel, influencers trying to revive a Texas ghost town cross paths with Leatherface, the abominable killer in the human skin mask…

Do not kill me
Date: 02/20
Synopsis: After dying of an overdose in the company of her lover, Mirta comes back to life alone and discovers that she belongs to a world of violence she never knew existed.

Date: 02/23
Synopsis: When Deniz, a student and aspiring musician, falls in love with a rough-hewn motorcycle racer, tragedy and family pressure put a damper on their relationship.

Date: 02/25
Synopsis: After doing the unthinkable to cover up an accident, a corrupt cop sees his life turned upside down when a mysterious witness starts sending him threats.

my wonderful life
Date: 02/28
Synopsis: A woman receives a blackmail message threatening to reveal her affair. Then follows a series of events that serves as group therapy for his entire family.


The Tinder Scammer
Date: 2/02
Synopsis: He wooed women online by posing as a wealthy tycoon, before extorting millions of dollars from them. Today, some want revenge.

Carnivore: Season 10: Part 2
Date: 2/02
Synopsis: Big game and exotic imports lure Steven to New Mexico. He also traveled to Hawaii, where he hunted maroon goats and learned spearfishing.

Catching Killers: Season 2
Date: 9/02
Synopsis: Investigators who captured the BTK killer and other violent murderers recount the hardships and bravery of their jobs.

jeen-yuhs: The Kanye West Trilogy
Date: 1 episode per week from 02/16
Synopsis: In this intimate and intense documentary in three parts, the life of the director intertwines with that of Kanye West, a rap superstar in the making.

Downfall: The Boeing Affair
Date: 02/18
Synopsis: Investigators reveal how Boeing, by preferring profit to safety, would have caused two tragic accidents that occurred a few months apart.

Bubba Wallace: Driver of Change: Miniseries
Date: 02/22
Synopsis: This documentary series follows Bubba Wallace in a new season of NASCAR, within a brand new team.


Gabby and the Magic House: Season 4
Date: 1/02
Synopsis: New lessons and surprises galore for our adorable kittens, Charly included! Gabby leads the dance with Pandy, Sacha, P’tichou, Baby Box and all their friends.

Kid Cosmic: Season 3
Date: 3/02
Synopsis: Kid’s heroic dreams come true when the heroes of the desert become the defenders of the Earth. But this incredible adventure seems too good to be true.

Ridley Jones: The Protector of the Museum: Season 3
Date: 02/15
Synopsis: Space adventures, treasure hunts and new friends occupy Ridley and his team, who must protect the museum from magical incidents… and from Mr. Peabody.

Summer in Cielo Grande
Date: 02/16
Synopsis: In Argentina, a resort relaunches its wakeboarding competition, attracting a Mexican athlete determined to uncover a family secret.

The Cuphead Show!
Date: 02/18
Synopsis: Share the misadventures of the impulsive Cuphead and Mugman, his easily influenced brother, in this animated series based on the hit video game.

The World of Karma in music
Date: 02/24
Synopsis: Karma opens the doors to his musical world. Microphone in hand, she offers songs as funky as they are fun, full of rhythm and enthusiasm!


Kamiari’s Child of the Month
Date: 8/02
Synopsis: A year after the death of her mother, a young girl learns that she must cross Japan to go to an annual meeting of gods on the sacred lands of Izumo.

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