Lenovo portable projecteur

Mozi: Lenovo unveils a laptop whose screen is replaced by a projector

Lenovo innovates, even if this time it will be necessary to limit itself to a concept hardware. the Mozi is a portable concept PC whose screen has been replaced by a projection system. Impossible to know precisely how this screen works but Lenovo promises a reduction in blue light (which would be good for the eyes). The keyboard can be detached from the kind of dock that contains the projector, and you can also slide it inside the dock when you use the bike more. More intriguingly, it is a question of ” a separate screen onto which the content is projected” which could mean that this display technology would approach rear-projection.

lenovo portable projector

The Chinese manufacturer unfortunately gives no details about the specifications of the device, and nothing says that we are entitled to this information one day knowing that the Mozi is not a priori intended to be marketed.

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