Multiplayer mode skins have already leaked

The Last of Us Part 2 is certainly one of the most important exclusives of PlayStation consoles. Released in 2019, this sequel to The Last of Us is the latest blockbuster from Naughty Dog, studio you within Sony’s first-party creator portfolio. If the game has already had a patch for the next-gen, no new DLC or additional tales have yet been announced by its developers – but given its significant commercial success, something new is definitely on the way. well in the works: a multiplayer mode was announced by Naughty Dog last year. But no new information has been released at this time.

However, files leaked by a knowledgeable modder allow us to discover an overview of the multiplayer mode, through costumes for the characters.

The first multi skins for The Last of Us Part 2?

It is to Speclizer, a modder specialized in tampering with game files that we owe this very interesting discovery. As illustrated in a video uploaded to YouTube, several costumes intended for a multiplayer mode were found in the game file The Last of Us Part 2. Three different outfits that represent different types of bulletproof vests. Whether it’s temporary 3D models or the vestiges of an upcoming multiplayer mode, it’s in any case a first concrete proof of the existence of this mode.

In addition to these three costumes for Ellie, Speclizer also discovered six different backpacks, also intended for multiplayer. Even more interesting: these backpacks would be categorized according to different classes, namely ” assault, melee, sniper, stealth, support and tactics“… From there to seeing the upcoming character class lists for the multiplayer mode, there is only one step.

However, this is all pure speculation, and we will refrain from saying anything at this time. These backpacks not being part of this first extract, Speclizer ensures that a new video will be uploaded once these files have been found and put into play. While waiting for official news of this famous multiplayer mode….

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