N26 would have arbitrarily closed hundreds of accounts

The neobank N26, more and more popular in France, is said to have arbitrarily closed hundreds of customer accounts, without warning or transferring account balances.

When a bank decides to close an account, it has the obligation to warn the customer two months before the closing so that the latter can take the necessary measures. In the hundreds of cases recorded by RMC, it seems that this procedure was not respected by N26, the German neobank which has 2.5 million customers in France.

Amounts blocked on closed accounts

The testimonies of customers who have suffered the closure of their account agree on two points: the lack of communication from N26, and especially the blocking of funds in the account. And that can represent a lot of money, as for this client who had 9,000 euros in a business account and who, overnight, has to give up on it.

RMC reports the words of a former employee of a call center of N26, who was to reassure customers whose accounts were closed without the bank doing anything to unblock the situation, regardless of the sums present on it. The establishment ensures that this money does not fall into its coffers, but he did not want to explain himself to the media.

However, following requests from RMC, N26 was kind enough to reimburse at least one of the customers affected by these closures, without the sum having been returned in full, however. The fraud repression department (DGCCRF) was made aware of it through customer reports. An investigation has been launched to determine if something has seized the neobank.

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