Nacon Revolution X test, a real competitor of the Elite controller?

Arrived exactly in time for the first anniversary of the Xbox Series, has the Nacon Revolution X controller allowed us to go professional?

Available since October 13, the Revolution X Pro Controller from Nacon offers players on Xbox and PC an alternative to professional controllers, at a more than reasonable price. This is sold in a box including several accessories that have proven to be more or less useful.

If it is intended above all for seasoned players, it is a controller that may just as well be suitable for casual players who would like to optimize their gaming sessions. Is it nevertheless up to what is expected of a professional controller ? Answer in this review of the Revolution X from Nacon.

An efficient handling

The first grip is one of the most important sensations when it comes to a controller. With the Revolution X, we had a good impression at the start, which was later more or less confirmed over the hours of using it. Its size is slightly larger than a classic Xbox controller, but it is noticeably as heavy at the start. The handles are wider and therefore require a firmer grip.

To the touch, you’ll notice that the handles are covered in some pretty subtle anti-slip details. In reality, these are so discreet that they almost lose interest since it is not thanks to them that you will be able to keep your controller in hand no matter what. Over time, you may even lose control, like a standard controller. To be really effective, the detail should have been more in relief, or be in a rubber material.

Overall, the Revolution X controller sports a rather old school design, which is not out of the ordinary for an esports oriented controller. This does not reinvent the grip that we can have with a classic controller, even if the feeling makes us think more of a DualShock rather than an Xbox controller.

The same, but better?

In terms of configuration, we find exactly the same buttons as on a classic Xbox controller, but with some subtle differences. For example, the A, B, X, and Y buttons are slightly bigger, so it’s easier to switch between them to do combos or to do tricky QTE operations.

We also note that the triggers are more accessible on the sides and they allow faster aiming. In classic mode, these have a resistance substantially the same as a standard controller. Also note that it will be necessary to activate the advanced mode to be able to take advantage of the personalized profiles, otherwise the controller remains in classic mode.

Finally, one of the black spots (which is not for some) remains the fact that it is not a wireless controller. The supplied cable is still long enough (3 meters of cable) to offer optimal comfort and it should be noted that a wired device is not (or almost) subject to latencies. However, if the wired connection has convinced us personally, it is worth remembering that other controllers on the market offer us as many advantages as the Revolution X, with the convenience of a wireless connection as a bonus.

Game-changing accessories

In the box of the Revolution X, there are many accessories, most of which can make a difference in the long run. Nacon also provides a sturdy case that allows you to store the controller and accessories in one place, without risking damage to anything.

The weights for the controller and the rings for the joysticks are a good addition, although they are intended for use by a specific and seasoned audience, unlike other much more mainstream accessories. This is particularly the case of joystick heads, which did not really convince us.

Indeed, two types of heads are available: convex (rounded) heads and concave (hollow) heads. If the concaves are wide and very catchy, the convex have absolutely no interest for the competition – incidentally what the controller is sold for. They glide easily in use, and aren’t even covered with a non-slip coating or pattern.

The rear buttons are the real problem with this professional controller. If in theory their location is optimized, in practice they have been used very little. Even the format of a button is absolutely impractical for creating command shortcuts, as palettes are much more efficient.

The S1 and S3 buttons are still relatively useful, although impractical, while the S2 and S4 are totally ineffective for what is asked of them. We provide a lot more energy to find and press (hard enough) the buttons than we would ever have used with paddles like on an Elite controller.

The Revolution X app

To help you customize your controller, Nacon provides players with its Revolution X application, which can be downloaded from the Xbox Store or the Microsoft Store on PC. It allows you to review the profiles affiliated with the controller. You have 4 different profiles, which you can change at any time by pressing the dedicated button on the controller.

On the app, you will find 4 default profiles, which adapt to several different game styles, from racing games to first person shooters. You can add more as you wish, by modifying many parameters, such as the sensitivity of the triggers, the behavior of the joysticks or the programming of the front and rear buttons.

It is this application which serves as the basis for all the personalization of the controller, which represents its real interest. All of the buttons can be programmed as desired, which in particular allowed us to reassign the controls to the keys we wanted, depending on the style of play in progress. It is very easy to switch between profiles thanks to the dedicated button and to recognize them thanks to the personalized lighting.

Note that the controller supports Dolby Atmos technology. If you have a wired headset that supports this technology, then you won’t be disappointed with the immersion that the controller offers. A nice addition that deserves our attention at a time when more and more audio devices have Dolby Atmos.

Pricing and availability

The Nacon Revolution X controller has been available for purchase since October 13, at a suggested price of € 109.90. You can already find it on the Nacon retail site, as well as on the reseller site and in stores.

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