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Narcissists are less responsive to mask-wearing and vaccination

A survey found that narcissists are reluctant to comply preventive measures against Covid-19. Despite awareness campaigns on the health measures to be adopted to curb the spread of the Coronavirus, these people have found it difficult to bring themselves to make the effort to wear a mask or of to get vaccinated. The same study showed that their willingness to obey health authorities is inversely proportional to their level of narcissism. It should be noted that psychologists have identified two categories of narcissists including grandiose narcissists and vulnerable narcissists.

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The grandiose narcissists, also called megalomaniacs, have a great love of themselves and want to be admired. Conversely, the vulnerable narcissists lack self-confidence and are extremely sensitive to the judgment of others. Indeed, even if the human being is selfish by nature, in people with narcissistic personality disorder, the expression of this selfishness becomes pathological.

Other types of personalities like those of conservatives are also reluctant to wear masks and vaccinations.

American researchers studied the personality of 1,100 people

From Penn State University scientists studied the behaviors of these two narcissistic personalities in relation to wearing a mask and vaccination against Covid-19. They have interviewed approximately 1,100 people on these questions and then gave them a personality test to determine their level of narcissism.

In this study, Peter Hatemi, Distinguished Professor of Political Science at Penn State University, and his team investigated how these people conceive of risk taking and their political choices.

Narcissists are reluctant to wear masks or get vaccinated

They then found that grandiose narcissists are less likely to wear a mask or get vaccinated. Strangely, those who chose to wear one were the first to tell others to wear one.

This behavioral problem is explained by the fact that their excessive interest in their appearance physics pushed them to seek a way to satisfy their need for recognition, even if it had to be done at the expense of others.

At the same time, people with vulnerable narcissism were also less likely to wear a mask or get vaccinated. Those who respected the sanitary measures would have done so only for fear of being judged.


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