NASA boss accuses China of wanting to take control of the Moon

For All Mankindseason 10: Bill Nelson the chief administrator of the NASAthrew a big stone into the pond this Monday, July 4 by declaring that China wanted to take “control of the moon”, all under cover of a military program. The NASA boss does not provide any factual evidence to support his statements, but it is possible that the acceleration of the Chinese space program, especially since China landed a rover on the far side of the Moon, raise eyebrows officials Americans.

More generally, Bill Nelson points to China’s refusal to participate in a community of cohesive space nations. It is true that if NASA, ESA, or JAXA share a lot of work and design space missions in common, the same is not true for China, which is clearly standing apart like in the good old days. of the cold war, a situation of magnificent isolation which has been reinforced since the country has its own space station.

Faced with NASA’s suspicions, the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded sharply: “This is not the first time that a NASA chief has made irresponsible remarks against China”, declares the official press release of the Ministry. China even reaffirms its wish to participate precisely in a community of space nations, declarations which nevertheless contrast a lot with the management of Chinese missions concerning the exploration of the Moon and Mars.

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