NASA is looking for ideas on how to reuse waste during a mission to Mars

Slowly but surely, NASA is preparing to send astronauts to the planet Mars. Just recently, the American space agency announced the holding of a competition for ideas concerning the recycling and reuse of waste produced during a Mars mission. In collaboration with the HeroX platform, NASA’s tournament lab has launched a “Waste to Base” challenge during which participants will have to come up with ideas for, for example, recycling carbon dioxide or foam packaging materials.

According to reports, those who want to participate will have until March 15 to send in their ideas. There will be a prize of $1,000 for each new idea, with a total of $24,000 to be given away.

According to what can be read on the competition website, the winner will be known by April 22.

Recycle as much as possible

On the website dedicated to the competition, you can read some explanations about what NASA expects from participants. The challenge will be to find ways to convert waste into raw material or something else like fuel or a material that can be 3D printed.

According to the site, it is not possible to create a perfectly efficient reuse cycle, but ideal solutions should produce very little or no waste.

Who can participate?

As for the participants, the eligibility criteria are given on the competition website. But in general, anyone aged 18 and over can participate individually or as a team. According to HeroX, it is sufficient that the country of origin is not subject to United States sanctions.

Aside from the monies offered for winning ideas, these will also be part of the roadmap for future technology development work within NASA.

For the moment, the American space agency has not given precise dates regarding the sending of astronauts to Mars. In recent years, however, NASA has talked about the mid-2030s. So there are a few years left to be able to make possible the possible winning ideas of the competition, and there are also future missions to the Moon that could serve to make them possible. test.


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