Nearly 300 games were declared “compatible” before its release

This month of February is surely one of the most important of this year for the video game industry: in addition to the many releases to come, Valve is preparing to ship the first copies of the Steam Deck, his first portable console. After announcing that it would be compatible with almost all of the Steam toy library, Valve is redoubling its efforts to verify each game in its catalog…

More and more titles are thus scrutinized by Valve, which aims to check the compatibility of all—or all—the titles of its very large catalog of games. As we report the site Rock Paper Shotgun, the total of titles that have been granted the label “Compatible” for the Steam Deck amounts to 294, or fifty more compared to yesterday’s count (243).

Valve begins the big general inspection for its Steam Deck

A drop of water in the pond in a sense; especially since the recently verified games are among the most played on the platform. There is a certain priority given to outings and games to the most important communities, and this is quite natural. Among the titles recently declared as “Playable”, we find big triple-A like DEATHLOOP, God of War Where death strandingbut also other popular games like Psychonauts 2, FTL: Faster Than Light or the titles of the franchise Yakuza. Currently, 193 titles have been placed in the “Playable” category as Valheim Where The Witcher 3while others, such as Persona 4 Goldenare declared incompatible with the machine.

We had already talked about it when Valve announced it, but a reminder is never too much: each game verified by Valve for its Steam Deck is granted one of the following three labels: “Compatible” refers to games running perfectly on the console, while “Playable” will require tweaking in the configuration menus to ensure an optimal experience. Finally, some titles (especially VR games) are simply declared “Not supported” by Valve for its Deck, and it will logically be necessary to put an end to it.

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