Need for Speed ​​for the end of the year, Dragon Age 4 aims for 2023

What can we expect from Electronic Arts for this year 2022? While the American publisher is still trying to save what remains of the industrial accident Battlefield 2042, the return of another franchise would also be in preparation for this end of the year, while another would simply have preferred to take off around 2023.

In any case, this is what journalist Tom Henderson is saying on Twitter: a new Need for Speed would be scheduled for fall 2022, and Dragon Age 4 will have to wait a while longer…

Heading into fall?

Previously called in for reinforcement on the development of Battlefield 2042, the Criterion Games studio would have finally taken over the project Need for Speed at full throttle, with a release planned around next September and October… No further information for the moment. But given the timing, we shouldn’t have to wait long to learn more about it. If E3 doesn’t seem like a guaranteed event right now, Electronic Arts is sure to host its now annual EA Play conference in the middle of June, with potential new announcements on the way—and a call from the bitumen, if these rumors turn out to be true.

It is nevertheless a safe bet that this Need for Speed is well planned for this year. Henderson is thus not at his first leak: last September, the American journalist teased the announcement of star wars eclipse, the Quantic Dreams game subsequently formalized at the beginning of December 2021. In addition, Electronic Arts had already mentioned the release of a game Need for Speed in a financial report published in… 2020. Time flies.

In a less optimistic genre, Henderson gives news of the project Dragon Age 4. Its development has recently undergone some changes and is now turning exclusively to next-gen consoles and PC; but at the moment, no release date has been announced… And if the last echoes suggested that it would not arrive before next spring, this new game could simply be delayed for next year. In the meantime, as always, more information…

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