Netatmo launches its carbon monoxide detector at € 99.99

Netatmo launches its carbon monoxide detector at € 99.99

Do you live in an old building and have doubts about the reliability of your heating systems? Netatmo has got you covered.

Despite clear progress in this area, some homes, especially old ones, can still expose their inhabitants to a dangerous build-up of carbon monoxide (CO). It is to protect themselves that Netatmo has just launched its new connected detector.

Carbon monoxide is a particularly vicious enemy, because it is very discreet. Perfectly colorless and odorless, it infiltrates the respiratory system, then the bloodstream. On the spot, it is very easy for him to cross the membrane of our red blood cells; the latter will therefore begin to absorb carbon monoxide in quantity.

Unfortunately, this one is the rowdy type; he will start a real game of musical chairs with his best enemy, oxygen. The object of their lust: heme, which is very summarily a small molecular case essential to our breathing. If CO settles there, it steals its throne on oxygen, and the body begins to suffocate at the cellular level. If this happens in too many cells, then the individual is gradually suffocated. According to the Ministry of Health, about 100 French people die each year from such poisoning.

If you are concerned, it is therefore important to protect yourself from it. This gas is produced by any fuel when it burns incompletely. This often happens in devices dilapidated Where poorly maintained. Fortunately, sanitary standards in the building sector have evolved a lot; the air quality of our interiors has improved markedly over the last decades. But sometimes it can be very difficult or very expensive to remedy, especially quaint old buildings. And still it is necessary to locate it.

€ 99.99 for ten years

This is why Netatmo launched its carbon monoxide detector. In practice, nothing unexpected for this rather discreet device. Rather than accumulating anecdotal features, he is content to do what he does best: measure the level of CO. If it exceeds the danger threshold, an 85 dB alarm sounds to warn all residents. It is also able to send a notification to a smartphone.

As with most products of this type, it comes with a sealed battery. It is therefore not replaceable. In general, on these devices, the battery life is calibrated according to that of the sensor. At the end of this period, it will therefore be necessary to change the device entirely. In this case, the Netatmo device is expected to last 10 years, ie in the high average for devices in this range.

Its price of 99.99 € does not seem excessive for a decade of use. Note however that it is on average three times more expensive than equivalent devices, but less elegant and without connected functions. These devices can bring a certain serenity if you are not at ease; on the other hand, remember that they do not in no case replace ventilation, and above all rigorous maintenance of your installations by a qualified professional !

The product is available on, on Amazon, at Boulanger, Leroy Merlin, Rexel and Sonepar.

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