Netflix blocks its streaming service in Russia

Netflix has just blocked its streaming service in Russia. In reaction to the war in Ukraine, the number 1 of VOD has decided to suspend the accounts of Russian subscribers.

In response to the war in Ukraine, many international companies have taken action against Russia. The latest firm to date is none other than Netflix. The American streaming giant has just announced the suspension of its VOD services throughout Russia.

“Given the circumstances on the ground, we have decided to suspend our service in Russia”, explains a Netflix spokesperson, referring to the war in Ukraine. According to information from the Wall Street Journal, the service counts less than a million subscribers in the country.

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Netflix refuses to air Kremlin propaganda channels

A few days earlier, Netflix had already announced the suspension of the production of 4 contents intended for Russian subscribers. Until further notice, all future projects and acquisitions planned in Russia are on hold. Netflix produced several films and series in partnership with Russian studios, including a detective series.

At the same time, the streaming service has committed to do not comply with Russian legislation. In Russia, a law obliges VOD services to broadcast state channels once the threshold of 100,000 subscribers has been exceeded.

Last January, Roskomnadzor, the national internet and telecommunications supervisory authority, added Netflix to the list of affected services. In fact, the platform would have to broadcast live the programs of about twenty state television channels, including NTV, the main general interest channel Channel One or the Spas chain of the Orthodox Church. The law also obliges Netflix not to offer content opposed to the regime.

Following the invasion in Ukraine, Netflix quickly decided to disobey russian law. “NOTWe have no plans to add these channels to our service”, recently provided the platform. Breaking the law, Netflix risked being banned in Russia. The company eventually took the lead in suspending access to its catalog nationwide.

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