Netflix could end binge-watching

Like its competitors, Netflix could in turn opt for a weekly broadcast.

Driven by competition, the N red platform is desperately looking for a way to retain its subscribers. After the end of account sharing and the idea of ​​a cheaper subscription financed by advertising, the firm puts a particularly sensitive subject back at the center of the debate: the end of binge-watching.

Revolution back for Netflix

We remember that it was Netflix who invented the concept of binge-watching. While viewers have until now been used to discovering their favorite series bit by bit on television, N rouge has operated a small revolution, by offering all episodes of the same season available simultaneously. The recipe seems to be a winner, to the point of being adopted by the rest of the competition. Too bad if the seasons of Sandman or of The Bridgerton Chronicle look more like (very) feature films than series, everything is available right away, even if it means sometimes feeling indigestion.

In recent years, the trend has changed. Platforms are now producing their own hit series, and the whole point is in retain their audience. Red N competitors have already taken the plunge with The Rings of Power or House of the Dragon, and the recipe allows the craze to last for several weeks, sometimes a few months. For the moment, Netflix seemed impervious to the idea. Only the fourth season of Stranger Things was entitled to a broadcast in two parts, officially to give the teams time to finalize the long-awaited season end. A few weeks later, it’s ozark who had been entitled to the same treatment.

With a rising disengagement rate, Netflix could well radically change its strategy, opting for the weekly broadcast of its biggest hits. At least that’s what the media say. PuckNews in an interview with the CEO of the American firm. So, while the company refutes any hard evidence that weekly streaming reduces churn, its big boss seems increasingly interested in a possible move to episodic streaming.

[Humeur] No, bingewatching is not the only way to watch a series!

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