Netflix finally lets you clean up your current series

Designed for all users who start several series and never finish them, this tool promises to clean up our playlists.

Since its inception, Netflix has added a number of tools to its SVOD platform, from playback speed to the ability to disable autoplay after an episode or movie ends. Almost two years ago, the Red N also rolled out a handy feature, which allowed you to remove a program from the section. Until now only accessible on Android smartphones, the tool is now available on smart TV and web browser. We explain how to proceed.

Cleaning up the programs

If like many Netflix users, you tend to multiply series only to finally stop after an episode or two, the section To resume of your profile probably looks like a vast field of ruin, where dozens of series you will never finish. Faced with repeated requests from its subscribers, Netflix finally made the decision to deploy its option “Remove from section”. A good way to clean up productions that have not caught your attention, while hiding those that you do not assume when your friends are there. On his official blog, Netflix thus confirms the multiplatform deployment : “Subscribers around the world can remove a series or movie from the ‘Resume’ section on all devices, including TV, with a single click”. It was time.

How to sort in section To resume ?

To remove a program from your section To resume, just go to its card from a TV. Under the option Audio and Subtitlesyou will now find a tab Remove from Resume. On a web browser, the procedure is even simpler since it is not even necessary to go to the program page. Everything is directly accessible from the homepage. Note also that in case of error it is always possible to cancel the withdrawal.

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