Netflix finally lets you delete movies and series you haven’t finished

Launched a movie on Netflix but abandoned it after 10 minutes? After 8 seasons, this series no longer inspires you? Now you can remove them from the “Resume with Profile” list, rather than enduring seeing them for days on end.

If one were to categorize streaming services, Netflix would undoubtedly win the palm of the interface. Clear, fluid, intuitive, it is easy to find what you are looking for on the platform, or even to find what you are not looking for. At a time when streaming is gradually replacing television, especially among younger generations, it is important for users not to spend hours looking for the name of that series or movie they have heard of.

Netflix has therefore understood this well and is setting an example that its competitors would do well to follow (we are watching you, Prime Video). This does not prevent it from continuing to improve it regularly, with small additions that make life even easier for the user. Indeed, one of the service’s most beloved features is also its curse: the “Resume with profile” section.

Netflix improves the “Resume with profile” section

If the latter allows you to quickly identify the series that you are binge-watching or the film that you have not had time to finish, it can be particularly annoying when it displays content that no longer interests us. Everyone has a documentary on their list that seemed exciting at first glance, and then finds themselves waiting eternally for it to be finished. Now it is possible to remove from list.

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To do this, nothing simpler. Just hover over the content in question and click the button Delete from section. If you tap it by accident, just tap again to go back. The feature is here today on browser as well as smartphone, TV, PC and tablet applications. A novelty which has nothing of a revolution but which will relieve many spirits.

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