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Netflix games coming soon to iOS, but not like Android

After Android, Netflix games will soon land on iOS, but with a big difference that consumers might not like.

Last week, Netflix made its mobile games available internationally. After months of testing, Netflix’s video game offer includes 5 titles, two of which are inspired by the hit series Stranger Things, which has just unveiled a little more about its season 4. However, these first games are not available on all platforms, as evidenced by iOS devices.

This is because the feature has yet to be rolled out to Apple devices, although Netflix has promised it will soon be. However, it seems that iPhone owners will not be placed in the same boat as their Android comrades, since the games should be offered on iOS through the App Store directly, and not through the Netflix application.

App Store rules too rigid for Netflix

It’s Mark Gurman, journalist at Bloomberg, who relayed the news in a newsletter recently. According to him, it is Apple’s rules regarding third-party applications that would block Reed Hastings’ firm from proceeding as on Android. Indeed, applications are prohibited from becoming windows (or shops) in themselves, which could be the case if Netflix offered to download the games directly via Netflix, without going through the App Store.

Still according to the journalist, this may not be beneficial for the firm. He explains that if consumers “ tend to prefer all-in-one services “, Thus bypassing the system may not put” Netflix’s gaming service in the best position to succeed “. A major disappointment for the company, which has worked for months on the integration of its in-app games.

Will Apple be able to change its rules for Netflix?

This is not the first time that Netflix has been held back in its intentions by the firm at the apple. Indeed, it is good to remember that Netflix does not offer any mobile subscriptions in order to avoid having to pay Apple’s 30% commission, which is mandatory for any purchase on an iOS device. For this point, however, the lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple had a fairly beneficial effect.

Now, Apple will be forced to allow developers to offer their own payment method in order to diversify competition on iOS devices. We can therefore legitimately wonder if this will not have an impact on the integration of Netflix games in the long term.

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