Netflix games don’t interest anyone and that’s a shame

The streaming platform is trying to diversify by moving towards mobile gaming, but the results are far from satisfactory…

Smartphone games are a very special market. Although garnering astronomical sums of income, it is struggling to democratize among the general public despite the efforts of certain companies. In November 2021, a streaming giant launched into mobile gaming with a head full of dreams. However, this initiative went unnoticed by the approximately 220 million subscribers yet widely used. You may not even be aware of this novelty yet.

You will have understood it from the title of this article: it is a question of Netflix here. For several months now, the N rouge mobile application has been offering a rather nice selection of titles to download at no extra cost. This catalog of small nuggets has only grown richer since it was set up. Yet, according to Apptopia analysts, this offer has caught the attention of less than 1% of subscribers to the platform. A staggering figure but far from surprising.

Poor or non-existent communication

For those who do not know, this service offered by Netflix provides access to a catalog of free games directly from the Netflix application on smartphones and tablets. Although very interesting, this offer faces two major problems. Firstly, mobile games target a very specific audience, and it is very often fast games in free-to-play format that take the biggest place in this market. Although varied, Netflix’s gaming catalog remains too niche for so-called “casual” users who play regularly but in small doses.

But the main problem probably remains the second, which lies in Netflix’s strategy for its young service. Indeed, the communication about it is so light that the target audience is further reduced. While the Netflix Android application still has a tab reserved for this catalog, iOS apps do not explicitly show the presence of games which appear far away, at the bottom of the main menu. Although it is disappointing to learn that the service of Netflix has so little use, it is not surprising.

However, thanks to a simple subscription to Netflix, it is possible to enjoy a range of quality games such as Moonlighter or Before Your Eyes. At a time when subscription prices are only soaring, we strongly recommend that you consult this service which will allow you to make full use of your subscription.

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