Netflix Gaming adds two games on iOS and Android, but we are far from the Play Pass

Netflix Gaming announces the arrival of new games in its offer on iOS and Android. They are called Arcanium Rise of Akhan and Krispee Street. Netflix Gaming now has 12 games on smartphones. Little by little, the offer is taking shape, but it is far from equaling Google’s Play Pass or Apple Arcade.

In early November 2021, Netflix launched its new subscription content section: smartphone games. They are brought together under the Netflix Gaming banner and are available free of charge to subscribers to the SVOD service. They can be downloaded on iOS and Android (with a small difference in methodology between the two operating systems). And the catalog is gradually expanding. Maybe even a little too slowly.

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The platform initially had five games. A sixth soon arrived. Last month, there were ten of them. In the lot, you will find two licensed games Stranger Things and a lot of casual games: card games, dominoes, bowling, games of balance and skill, a puzzle that wouldn’t have denoted in the Candy Crush series, an episode of the series Asphalt from GameLoft and fun friendly golf (but not as much as Mario Golf).

Two new games are coming to Netflix Gaming

Today, Netflix announces the arrival of two new achievements. They are named ” Arcanium: Rise of Akhan ” and ” Krispee Street “. The former is a strategy game developed by Rogue Games. It mixes gameplay elements from Heartstone, Magic the Gathering, and Heroes of Might and Magic. You have maps, heroes, creatures and skills. It’s up to you to create your strategy. second game, Krispee Street presents itself as a “joyful hidden object game”. Developed by the creators of Teeter (Up), Bowling Ballers and Shooting Hoops, it offers you to relax by finding lost objects in a picture. Sort of like “Where’s Charlie?” »

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The offer Netflix Gaming now has 12 games which you can try on both iOS (from the App Store) and Android (from the Netflix app). If the arrival of Arcanium is a good thing for lovers of fantastic universes, the number of somewhat ambitious productions remains quite limited. There are still a lot of simple games in the Netflix Gaming offer, both in terms of production and gameplay. And ultimately quite a bit of variety. Especially when the catalog is compared to those of Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass. We expect much better from the world leader in streaming.

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