Netflix has the perfect series for fans of Squid Game and Casa de Papel

A Squid Game actor will be in the cast of the Korean remake of La Casa de Papel, scheduled for next year.

La Casa de Papel coming to an end. After 5 seasons, the Spanish series will bow out this weekend on Netflix. The end of a real phenomenon across the world and which has built up over the years a solid community of fans, and also of detractors. But let the former be reassured, we have not finished hearing about the professor’s gang, for the others we will have to put up with the Halloween costumes and Bella Ciao for a little while.

Because Netflix never lets its hens that lay the golden eggs sleep for very long and La Casa de Papel is no exception. This week, the platform announced the development of a spin-off series dedicated to Berlin. It will visibly be broadcast in 2023 and should return to the origins of the character played by Pedro Alonso.

But beyond this new version of the Spanish franchise, Netflix plans to make a South Korean version available. This remake announced several months ago should use the same plot elements as the first season, but transport all these beautiful people to South Korea.

At the time of the announcement, the platform had unveiled the actors who embody each of the characters in this extraordinary robbery. But since then, one of them has gained a new reputation among Netflix subscribers.

A Squid Game star to camp Berlin

Unless you’ve lived in a cave for the past few months, you couldn’t miss the phenomenon. Squid Game. Most popular series in Netflix history, even more than La Casa de Papel, it is already promised a second burst of episodes. Obviously, this success gave a spotlight to all the actors who play the different characters. This is the case with Park Hae-soo, who played the ruthless Cho Sang-Woo.

In Money heist, English name of La Casa de Papel and title of the remake, he will play an equally complex character. He is announced in the skin of Berlin. He will give the answer to Yoo Ji-Tae and Jeon Jong-Seo, who play respectively El Professor and Tokyo.

Created by Ryu Yong-jae (Peninsula), from the screenplay by Alex Pina, Money heist is announced for next year. If the precise date has not yet been communicated, it will probably not be necessary to wait very long since the shooting is already finished.

In the meantime, see you tomorrow on Netflix to discover the conclusion of the adventures of Rio, El Professor and Lisbon. The second part of the season 5 will be available from 9 a.m., a good start to the weekend.

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