Netflix nouvelle série lutins

Netflix has the perfect series to wait until Stranger Things season 4

For Christmas, Netflix wants to make us shiver with its new series halfway between Stranger Things and The Gremlins.

On Netflix, the fourth season of Stranger Things is long overdue. Mike, Eleven and their friends prepare behind the scenes to return to invade our screens. More than three years after the third round of episodes, this new season should land in July 2022. The fans will therefore have to take their troubles patiently. Fortunately, Netflix has other surprises in its bag. Amid the romantic Christmas comedies, the season’s hugely popular format, the N Rouge will air a new horrific production that promises to give sensitive souls nightmares, and forever change the way it looks at the little elves of the Santa Claus. Baptized Elves, or Elves in the language of Molière, it was revealed in a first trailer.

It’s hard not to find some similarities with the Duffer brothers’ series (a bike and monstrous creatures, we’ve already seen that, right?). While vacationing on an island for the end of the year holidays, a brother and sister discover that bloodthirsty elves reign supreme over the land. They will have to face his bloodthirsty creatures, who are clearly not altar boys. Halfway between The Gremlins and the Trolls, these little gnomes will obviously make life difficult for them. On the other hand, do not expect a very gory horror film, the series being only advised against at least 13 years old. Still, it will undoubtedly be a great way to prepare for the approach of Christmas, and who knows, maybe add a new piece to your seasonal classics.

A slew of new content for Christmas

Each year, Netflix redoubles its imagination to satisfy its subscribers eager for festive productions. A few weeks ago, Netflix shared the list of novelties for the month of November and December; the least we can say is that there is something for everyone. We will find in particular the now traditional opus of the franchise The Princess of Chicago. This is the last installment with Vanessa Hudgens on the bill. The Claus Family also returns with a new opus, which will be available from December 7 next. Finally, it’s comedy Love Hard with Nina Dobrev who launched hostilities this weekend and who already ranks in the Top 10 of the most popular productions of the moment.

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