Netflix heavily increases its prices in Ireland, the Premium offer rises to €21 per month

A worrying rise in Netflix subscription prices has taken place in Ireland. The Essential and Standard formula have respectively increased by €1 and €2, while the Premium offer has risen by €3 to reach €21 per month. This is the first time that a country so close to France has reached such a price, after several consecutive increases around the world.

Recently, Netflix seems determined to increase the price of its subscription. In the United States, the rate has increased twice in less than two years and now peaks at 19.99 per month. France was also entitled to a slight increase last October. As a result, one might feel relatively safe. However, some neighboring countries are not spared.

Irish users woke up this morning to some pretty bad news. All subscriptions are entitled to an increase, more or less painful according to each. Thus, the Essential formula goes up by €1, the Standard by €2 and the Premium offer is entitled to a dizzying increase of €3. Thus, all three are now displayed at €8.99, €14.99 and €20.99. This is the country close to France where Netflix is ​​the most expensive.

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Soon another increase in France?

Should we therefore expect a further rise in prices in France? At the moment, the subscriptions are each at €8.99, €13.49 and €17.99. There is therefore a certain margin to cross before arriving at the rates in force with our Irish neighbours. However, there are still reasons to believe that we will be spared. Indeed, as said above, the last increase dates back to October 2021, so it is still early to think of a new increase.

Moreover, not all European countries are in the same boat. While Germany, Spain and Austria have to choose between subscriptions at €7.99, €12.99 and €17.99, while the Belgian price list is the same as in France. What’s more, France has almost 10 million subscribers, while Ireland only hosts 600,000. Finally, Netflix is ​​currently considering lowering its prices, in exchange for advertisements on its TV series and films.

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