mega man netflix adaptation

Netflix is ​​tackling the adaptation of another video game… Should we be afraid?

The Mega Man movie planned for a few years will become a reality under the direction of Netflix. Will it be the video game too many?

Video games have experienced growing popularity in recent years, and in all areas. This is especially true in the movie and series streaming industry, where Netflix has long reigned supreme. The Red N has also adapted a good number of video game franchises, for better or for worse.

If on our side we loved the series The witcher and Arcane, the latter being adapted from League of Legends, we remember the rather failed adaptation of resident Evil with Infinite Darkness or the fiasco of Cowboy Bebop, inspired by the eponymous manga and anime. In adaptation, Netflix can amaze us as well as disgust us, and the last option comes very often when the firm takes part directly in the creation process.

Mega Man, will you survive this adaptation?

This is undoubtedly what is likely to happen with the next adaptation, which is none other than a live action film of the video game franchise. Mega man. Very popular since the 1980s, Capcom’s blue robot has marked a whole generation of players, especially on Nintendo’s NES console, whose creator recently passed away. First proposed by Chernin Entertainment in 2015, the project was formalized in 2018 by Capcom, which is headed by producers and screenwriters Henry Joost and Rel Schulman.

But since all time, where is the project? At the moment, we don’t have more information on the progress of the film, but we do know a little more about the team that is running it. Indeed, it seems that Netflix has taken the project under its wing, and that the company is participating in the production of it, both in the direction and in the writing of the screenplay.

On the website of Henry Joost and Rel Schulman, who founded the Supermarket company (funny name for a production company) it is written that the film is “currently in development. The details are still top secret ”. However, it seems that Netflix saw something particularly interesting in this adaptation to want to secure it. That said, we cannot yet say that this is a good thing.

Outside the sphere of Netflix, other video game productions are also on the way, we can for example quote the film Uncharted with Tom Holland, the series The Last of Us, or Sonic 2, which unveiled its trailer at the Game Awards 2021. Many other productions are on the way, some promising and others that we dread a lot. Mega man will it fall into the latter category?

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