Netflix is ​​turning a Thanksgiving tweet into a movie!

Can a tweet make a good movie? That’s what Netflix wants to prove by adapting the heartwarming story of this grandmother who accidentally invited a stranger to her Thanksgiving table.

The exchange went around the world. In 2016, Jamal Hinton received a text message from a stranger, Wanda Dench, who offered to spend Thanksgiving at her home. But now, the latter got the wrong recipient: she wanted to invite her grandson! When Jamal asks him if he can come anyway, without getting disassembled, Wanda confirms her invitation.

A beautiful story of friendship

And since then, Jamal Hinton spends Thanksgiving at Wanda Dench’s every year. The invitation was also extended to the girlfriend and the rest of his family. The two have become small celebrities on the internet, accumulating more than 150,000 followers on their Twitter accounts.

This beautiful story will become a film produced by Netflix! The streaming platform has indeed announced that the feature film, obviously called The Thanksgiving Text, was going to be inspired by this tweet. The screenwriter is Abdul Williams (Salt-N-Pepa, Lottery Ticket), while the film is produced by State Street Pictures (Men of Honor, Notorious, Soul Food).

The two heroes, Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton, are enthusiastic and want to share their story with the rest of the world. ” We hope to inspire more people to connect with others. We are blessed to have formed a genuine friendship through this accidental message. », They indicate in the press release.

The production, which does not yet have an appointed director or cast, will be part of Netflix’s family catalog. There is no release date.

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