Netflix is ​​picking up the pace because of Disney+

To take its main rival by surprise, Netflix is ​​reviewing its plans and planning an early launch.

Disney+ and Netflix are vying for the top spot in SVOD offerings. If the red N still has a head start, the firm with the big ears does not skimp on the means to climb the ladder. Disney is preparing the introduction of a formula supported by advertising, for the end of 2022. It is precisely on December 8 that this subscription will be launched.

Netflix for its part, had planned to wait until the beginning of the year 2023 to make it available in the country of Uncle Sam. The platform must finally accelerate the pace to thwart the plans of its main rival. At least that’s what it says variety. According to the American media, it is now the date of November 1 that has been chosen. A month before Disney+, the pioneer will offer its subscribers a subscription at a reduced price in exchange for the distribution of several advertising pages. The price has not yet been communicated, it could be two dollars cheaper than the basic subscription in the United States.

As for the series, they will have to deal with 4 minutes of commercials for one hour of viewing. For movies, advertisements will be directly integrated into the reading process and it will not depend on the time spent watching said movie. The platform also announces that it will not use its customers’ data to offer targeted advertising. Only the country of residence will be taken into account.

Netflix will also make sure to offer different videos fairly regularly, limiting the broadcast of the same advertisement to only one per hour and only three per day and per user. As a reminder, Netflix has teamed up with Microsoft to develop its offer. The two entities would have already defined the conditions for the brands that would like to join the project.

at least 10 million

Netflix is ​​ready to introduce advertising to its offer, but with some conditions all the same. The firm requires a minimum investment of $10 million per year. She also hopes to validate the contracts before the end of September. For brands, this new distribution platform is a godsend. Many of them should therefore want to take a piece of the cake.

And in France ?

While initially this launch was only planned for the American territory, Netflix finally decides to review its plans for France. France should therefore be concerned by this large-scale launch from the November 1 next. It must be said that many users complain about the successive increases in the price of the various subscriptions.

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