Netflix is ​​working on social functions for its games

Even if the success of its selection of video games has not yet met with success, Netflix continues to develop its video game offer on iOS and Android. Social functions could soon see the light of day.

Available since last November, the catalog of mobile games for Netflix subscribers continues to expand. We are currently approaching thirty titles, and additional additions are planned by the end of the year. This new offer aims to keep subscribers in the Netflix “ecosystem”, whether in its series or films, or even in its video games.

A nickname and rankings

However, we cannot say that the success is there. According to a study by Apptopia, Netflix has 1.7 million daily players, while apps have been downloaded just over 23 million times. Modest figures compared to the 221 million service subscribers!

It’s a start, but Netflix was surely expecting better results. They may eventually arrive, but this will require a long-term effort, investment, and above all games that are less anecdotal and more connected to the different universes of the platform. In the meantime, the company continues development around existing titles.

A test has indeed appeared in several games, allowing users to choose a nickname. The other players therefore see this nickname and not the Netflix identifier. The social aspect is being strengthened. Code present in the application shows that the service intends to set up rankings: players should see their nickname and probably an avatar. In addition, multiplayer modes also seem to be planned.

Netflix has confirmed that it is working on new features for its games, without however specifying their nature. Despite the low interest in these games, the group has every intention of pushing to become a must-have service in this area as well.

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