Netflix launches profile transfer, a new weapon to fight account sharing

Netflix has just unveiled a brand new feature: profile transfer. Users attached to an existing account can now import all their preferences and history to a newly created account. A way to encourage “squatters” to pay their own subscription.

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Netflix is ​​getting more and more expensive and more and more people are sharing accounts. To combat this phenomenon, the American platform has unveiled a new subscription at 6 euros per month with advertisements.

This offer could encourage account “squatters” to create their own. This is where profile transfer comes in, the new tool unveiled by Netflix. As its name suggests, it allows you to import all your preferences from one account to another.

Netflix wants to bring more flexibility to users

Netflix was not born yesterday and knows that account sharing is a widespread phenomenon. Here is what the American brand says on its official blog:

“People are moving. Families are growing. Relationships evolve. Life changes, but your Netflix experience should stay constant. Today we’re launching Profile Transfer: This feature allows people who use your account to transfer a profile when they sign up for their own subscription, retaining their personalized recommendations, history, roster, saved games, and other settings. .”

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To keep your profile, nothing could be simpler. If you are using Netflix as a secondary user, a menu appears when you click on your portrait: profile transfer. If you go to it, Netflix directly offers you to create a new account. This means that all your preferences and all your history will be included in the created subscription. Smart.

The announcement of this feature a few days after that of the new subscription with advertising is no coincidence. Netflix faces more and more challenges. Fierce competition, first of all, but also a flight of subscribers and the sharing of accounts which are multiplying after successive price increases. If profile transfer and advertising alone aren’t going to save Netflix, they could help him straighten the bar.

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