Netflix launches the cheaper subscription with ads, here’s what you need to know

Netflix launches this Thursday, November 3, 2022 its new low-cost formula with advertisements. Available in France from 5 p.m., it will be billed at €5.99 per month. Image quality, duration of commitment, catalog, features available, we take stock of the platform’s latest subscription.

Netflix essential ad
Credits: Netflix

At the start of 2022, Netflix went through a difficult period. Indeed, the streaming service announced that it had lost no less than 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of 2022, a first in the history of the platform. To remedy the situation and prevent this exodus from intensifying, the world leader in streaming has decided to take several measures.

Among them, the launch of a whole new formula, less expensive but offering advertisements. This October 14, 2022, Netflix confirmed the thing: its subscription called Essential with advertising will be available from November 3. This Thursday is therefore the big day for the platform. This offer will be accessible in the 12 countries concerned (including France) to 17am. Before the start, let’s take stock of the price, the image quality and the features offered by this low-cost formula.

Netflix Essential with ads, everything you need to know

First of all, the Essential offer with advertising will therefore be displayed at price of €5.99 per month, without obligation. It is in fact thehe cheapest plan available on Netflix. Of course, it will be necessary in return to support between 15 and 30 second commercials before and during the viewing of your content. In total, Netflix will announce that users will have to watch between 4 to 5 minutes of ads per hour viewed.

But without further ado, let’s summarize the main features of this offer here:

Another important point, Netflix previously announced that certain films and series could be absent from the catalog of this offer, for rights issues in particular. However, the Wall Street Journal revealed on Wednesday that the catalog of Netflix’s new offer was far from complete. Indeed, several cult series such as Breaking Bad, The Crown, Murder or Grey’s Anatomy are missing. The reason ? The absence of an agreement between Netflix and five major players in the 7th art industry.

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