Netflix makes the dream of many gamers come true with this new adaptation

Netflix is ​​once again betting on an adaptation of a fighting video game to attract its consumers. Spoiler: it works.

A new video game adaptation has just been announced by Netflix. The firm, which connects productions of the genre, has set its sights on a very famous fighting game franchise to be sure to aim right. On Twitter, Netflix announces the upcoming arrival of an animated series tekkensoberly baptized Tekken: Bloodline. Check out its first punch trailer below.

Tekken 3, but in anime

As one might suspect, the series puts at its heart the young Jin Kazama, the flagship character of the license from tekken 3. Regarding the plot of the series, it seems to follow the synopsis of this third installment exactly. In it, Kazama and his mother are seen training for combat, while the latter is attacked by a demonic monster named Ogre in the games.

Jin then has no choice but to find his grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, so that he can teach him the ancestral techniques of his lineage. We should therefore logically see passages from the King of Iron Fist Tournament 3, a few years after the start of Kazama’s training. For the moment, Netflix has not communicated anything more about the story of Tekken: Bloodlinebut, as in the game, the relationship between Jin Kazama and his grandfather should be very important for the plot.

We will also witness the rebirth of the powers of the Mishima family as Jin Kazama is trained, which is a source of both lust and fear. No release date announced for the moment, but we know that the series will arrive on the platform in 2022. While waiting for its release, Netflix has a few other tricks up its sleeve to play before the end of the year.

Indeed, we should be able to enjoy the live action series resident Evilwhich offered itself a release date for the next july 14. This one takes us to two different timelines, one of which takes place years after the Virus-T invasion in the heart of New Raccoon City. However, unlike Tekken: Bloodlinethe series has still not been entitled to any trailer for the moment, so we do not know what it will look like.

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