Netflix multiplies the acquisitions of video game studios

Netflix pursues its ambition to develop a large catalog of games for its gaming community. After buying the famous Next Games studio for the modest sum of $65 million, the company also acquired two other studios. The streaming giant bought out the well-known developer Oxenfree Night School in 2016 and later acquired Boss Fight Entertainment, a Texas-based mobile games studio that developed the strategy game Dungeon Boss.

The Boss Fight studio was created following the closure of the Dallas-based studio Zynga. Zynga is behind the creation of the game Castleville which is available on Facebook. In any case, these acquisitions promise the release of quality mobile games. A great step forward given that Netflix has integrated mobile games into its subscription.

Netflix announces the release of three new games

Three new games should be available soon on Android and iOS. Netflix has taken some time designing its mobile games since the company first talked about its plan last November. Among these three new games is the company’s first-ever FPS. This Is A True Story is an educational role-playing game that tells the story of an African woman struggling to provide water for her family.

Shatter Remastered is the remake of the successful brick breaker game released on PS3 in 2009. As for the third game, Into the Dead 2: Unleashed, it is a hybrid FPS/runner game where the player will have to survive waves of zombies . The company also talked about a quiz game that should be available from 1er April.

Netflix wants to make a major breakthrough in the field of video games

Amir Rahimi, Netflix’s vice president of games, said the acquisition of Boss Fight studio adds to the company’s experience in game design. Thanks to the acquisition of all these studios, the company will finally be able to accelerate the production of its mobile games. It therefore remains to wait until the games are finally available to get an idea.

In addition, Netflix plans to work with collaborators around the world. It hopes to hire the best talent available on the market in order to offer players a wide variety of exclusive games. Its goal is always to please subscribers as for the programs and films that the company offers on its platform.


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