Netflix offers the exclusivity of a League of Legends game!

Hextech Mayhem: A League of Legends Story joins the list of games available on the Netflix mobile app.

A few months ago, Riot Forge, the publishing label for games from the Riot Games franchises, released two games that are part of the line A League of Legends Story. It is Ruined Kingan RPG we tested on Switch, and Hextech Mayhem, a rhythm runner also released on Switch and PC. The latter is now also available on mobiles… as long as you are a Netflix subscriber.

The Netflix of video games, in real life

Because yes, the N rouge has recovered the exclusivity of this title, and is now offering it to its subscribers at no additional cost via its application, even though it is available at a price of €8.99 on the Nintendo eShop and on the PC blinds. A boon for fans of the franchise, who can also enjoy the animated series Arcanereleased in November and which we highly recommend.

As a reminder, Hextech Mayhem features the little character of Ziggs, a champion of explosions. In the runner, you will have to study the rhythm of the song to evolve in a horizontal scrolling world, a bit like a Geometry Dash. But that’s not all, since the firm announces that it wants to add a second game to its catalog.

It is Dungeon Dwarves which, as its name might suggest, belongs to the category of dungeon crawlers. However, he approaches his gameplay in an original way. Indeed, you will be in charge of an army of 5 dwarves who destroy walls and fight monsters, which brings them rewards. You can therefore play in real time, or let your dwarves manage while closing your application. When you return to the game, you will be able to collect all the weapons and parts that your dwarves have managed to obtain during this time.

An ever-increasing catalog

These two games therefore join the list of games available on Netflix, which is honestly starting to get long. For the moment, 14 games are displayed there, and in all different styles. You can thus find a game of Bowling, two games Stranger Things, card and domino games and even a car racing game. Everything is of course accessible at no additional cost, finally unless you do not count the recurring increases in the price of the subscription to Netflix.

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