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Netflix recruits cybersecurity experts to fight piracy

Netflix is ​​strengthening its internal anti-piracy teams. In a job offer published on the web, the streaming platform announces that it is looking for a manager responsible for improving techniques for combating illegal downloading. A new step after the coalition of rights holders created in 2019.

Netflix is ​​no longer as tolerant of piracy as it once was. It must be said that the platform has been a prime target hackers in recent years, sometimes going so far as to spoil the release of new series, as was the case for the launch of season 2 of The Witcher. It is now a whole strategy that the firm has mounted against those who want its content. Part of this strategy is to team up with other rights holderswith the coalition created in 2019 with, among others, Amazon and Disney.

But Netflix is ​​also keen to act internally. For this, the platform has created a team dedicated to the fight against piracy, which now needs a leader. This is in any case what suggests a job offer posted recently, which aims to recruit a “Title Coverage and Insights Manager”. The latter will have the role of directing the various anti-piracy operations, in particular to protect the ever-increasing original content in the catalog.

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Netflix is ​​building an in-house anti-piracy team

“Netflix releases an increasing number of original titles and other key titles that need to be protected from piracy every month”, can we read in this job offer. The main mission of the manager will therefore be avoid further disasters as was The Witcher, or even the two films pirated and available months before their release on illegal download sites.

For this, the recruit will also have to train partnerships with YouTube and Facebook, presumably to prevent Netflix content from ending up on these platforms. Finally, he will have the heavy task of fighting against new forms of piracy. At the end of 2012, a hacker notably put online a new tool allowing films and series to be captured directly on the streaming service.

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