Netflix reveals details on movies / series downloads by subscribers

For five years now, Netflix has made it possible to download movies and series on smartphones in order to watch them without an Internet connection. The streaming service is using this anniversary to share some data.

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5th anniversary for downloads on Netflix

According to Netflix, downloads have become one of the most popular mobile features with its subscribers. Users in many countries are benefiting from this. Downloads are most popular in Mexico, Brazil, and India. In Southeast Asia, the average number of downloads per mobile subscriber per month is 29, meaning people in countries like Thailand or Vietnam download almost every day.

What content is downloaded? Since November, Squid Game, Maid, Season 3 of You and The Guilty have been the most popular content. The first two are series, the third is a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Improvements over the years

Naturally, Netflix decided to make improvements to its download system in view of the popularity over the years. For example, automatic download debuted in 2018. This system deletes a downloaded episode as soon as you finish watching it and downloads the next one as soon as you are connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Most recently, in February 2021, the streaming service offered personalized downloads. This feature downloads a bespoke selection of movies and shows so that you always have something new to watch to suit your taste.

Finally, in June, there was the implementation of partial downloads. Even if you lose your connection to the Wi-Fi network or reach the limit of your data plan, you will still be able to watch a partially downloaded movie or episode. Once your connection is recovered, the download will automatically resume so you can pick up where you left off.

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