Netflix: which subscription to choose?

The streaming video service Netflix offers three subscriptions with different prices and features. Depending on your profile and your desires, the offer to choose will be different. Check out our tips for choosing the Netflix subscription that’s right for you.

Currently, Netflix offers exactly three different offers: Essential, Standard and Premium. All three have different prices and features. Number of screens and image quality being the only differences, the choice ultimately remains rather easy once you have understood the interest of each type of subscription.

It is important to note that the catalog remains strictly the same between each subscription: all the films, all the series and all the reports are available for any type of pricing.

Prices and benefits of each Netflix subscription, which one to choose?

Which Netflix subscription to choose?

Netflix Essential subscription – Low budget or insensitivity to image quality

This is the least expensive subscription, but also the least complete. Offered at €8.99/month, Netflix’s Essential subscription limits image quality to 480p and can only be used on one screen simultaneously. It is therefore not possible to share it with someone who would like to enjoy Netflix at the same time as you on another television, computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.

This offer is only recommended for those who want to limit their spending on Netflix, or who have no particular interest in beautiful images. A 480p resolution (and therefore not HD) remains very limited and particularly dated these days. Pay attention to the image quality, especially if you have a large screen.

The last category of people to whom we can recommend Netflix’s Essential offer is those whose internet connection is limited. If you are still using ADSL and it is difficult to download above 3Mbps, the very low resolution of this subscription will suit you because it only requires a few resources.

Netflix Standard subscription – The right value for money

For this second subscription, the offer is obviously better than the Essential version and offers features that are already more worthy of our time. For €13.49/month, you can enjoy a 1080p image (Full HD) and use on two simultaneous screens (connected TV, smartphone, tablet, computer, game consoles, etc.).

The main advantage of this offer lies in its quality/price ratio; if Netflix prices have increased, it is no less interesting to subscribe to this Standard offer if you have a maximum 1080p TV, you are not interested in 4K or simply you do not need more than two screens at the same time.

This is a perfect offer for a couple who don’t always watch the same thing at the same time, for example. All the same, provide a sufficient internet connection to enjoy it in Full HD (5 Mbps download). Netflix still offers 720p content playback if your speed can’t keep up.

Netflix Premium Subscription – For Best Quality or Family

This is Netflix’s latest and most expensive offering. The Premium subscription is offered at €17.99/month and offers viewing of content in 4K (Ultra HD) as well as in HDR; be careful though, not all content is compatible with this resolution and HDR technology. The films, series and reports that support them will have the mention displayed on their Netflix page. Similarly, you obviously need the compatible device (TV, smartphone, computer, etc.) and a sufficient internet connection (15Mbps download).

If you’re wondering who this offer is for, it’s very simple: either people looking for the best possible picture quality on Netflix, or families (or both). The Premium subscription indeed offers the possibility of enjoying content on four screens simultaneously, perfect for sharing this with several people in the same household.

Subscribe on his side or via his box?

There are two ways to subscribe to Netflix: for its part via the official website of the service, or via its TV box. Internet access providers indeed offer to subscribe via their box, allowing you to integrate the price of the subscription directly into your monthly bill from Bouygues, SFR, Free or Orange (obviously, this is in addition and at real Netflix prices). If this makes it easier to subscribe to the video streaming service, you should remember to check that your Netflix subscription can be used elsewhere than on your box, in case you need it on your tablet, smartphone, etc. It should also be noted that Canal+ offers a CANAL+ CINÉ SERIES offer including its channels, Netflix as well as Canal+ Series, OCS, Disney+ from €34.99/month (with a 24-month commitment).

How to sign up for Netflix?

How to subscribe to Netflix?

To register on Netflix, it is recommended to go directly to their official website and follow these steps:

  • The home page is designed to facilitate registration: insert your e-mail address in the field provided for this purpose and click on “Start”;
  • Click on “Next”;
  • Choose a password in the field provided for this purpose and click on “Next”;
  • Click again on “Next”;
  • Select the offer you want by clicking directly on its name (in the red square) then click on “Next”;
  • You are now on the payment page. Choose the payment method you want (Credit/Debit Card, PayPal or Gift Code);
  • Fill in your bank details (or connect to PayPal, or even fill in the gift code);
  • Then create your profile;
  • Validate everything and confirm your registration.

It’s done: you can enjoy the entire Netflix catalog. To use it on another device, you only have to enter the email address and the password chosen during registration. As a reminder, Netflix exists on many media:

  • Compatible smart TVs;
  • HDMI connected keys (Amazon Fire, Xiaomi TV, Chromecast TV, etc.);
  • Video game consoles (PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S);
  • Smartphones (Android and iOS);
  • Computers (Windows and Mac, via an application or directly your browser);
  • Compatible TV boxes.

How to cancel my Netflix subscription?

How to cancel my Netflix subscription?

Canceling a Netflix subscription is as easy as subscribing. To do this, you must go to the official website of the service and log in. Once done, follow these few steps:

  • Click at the top right on your profile picture, then on “My account”;
  • At the top left of the page, under “Account”, click on “Cancel subscription”;
  • On the left of the page, click on “Complete cancellation”;
  • You will receive a confirmation email and will therefore be unsubscribed.

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