Netflix will air its new series on July 14, 2022

Resident Evil will once again be adapted into a Netflix series. The platform has given a release date: it will be July 14, 2022. This new adaptation has nothing to do with the others and will try to give new impetus to a universe that has already been used many times.

resident Evil

Come on child of Racoon City, the day of glory has arrived. The new Resident Evil series, produced by Netflix, finally has a release date. All episodes will be uploaded July 14, 2022. It is obviously an adaptation of the famous series of video games.

For the moment, we have few details on the project, but no doubt that a trailer should be released shortly. We just know that it will not take up exactly the story of the games, since it will go in another direction.

Resident Evil Netflix will introduce a new universe

The story will take place in 2036, fourteen years after the zombie apocalypse that began in Racoon City. We follow Jade Wesker (the daughter of the big bad that fans know well) who tries to survive in a world in the grip of chaos. At the same time, the series will tell how this zombie epidemic began in 2022. It will therefore alternate between two time frames.

No official image or trailer for the moment, but a simple photo of the cast. Right here, the role of Albert Wesker will be played by Lance Reddick (In the center).

resident Evil

The Netflix series will be an adaptation which will have nothing to do with the previous ones. It will thus establish a new universe parallel to that of the games and films of Paul WS Anderson. It also has nothing to do with the Welcome to Racoon City reboot released in theaters in September 2021.

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Resident Evil (the series), isn’t Netflix’s first license-related project. In the summer of 2021, the platform had broadcast Infinite Darkness. This animated series featured Claire and Léon in an investigation, and had the particularity of taking place in the same universe as that of the games. With the series, Netflix will wipe the slate clean by setting up its own narrative.

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