Netflix will charge you if you use a friend’s account in 2023

Netflix executives detailed their plans on Tuesday to crack down on users who share their accounts on the service streaming service, which is expected to arrive early next year.

netflix loss subscribers recap
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While Netflix has just launched Profile Transfer, which allows users to import all of their preferences and history to a freshly created account, Netflix has detailed a new measure that will force “squatters” to pay for their own subscription.

After years of being lax on password sharing, Netflix began testing ways to charge for shared accounts after it suffered the biggest subscriber losses in its history earlier this year. Besides password sharing fees, Netflix also plans to launch a cheaper ad-supported subscription next month.

Sharing a password will become chargeable next year

Netflix announced that everyone on the “Who’s Watching?” screen will cost you more if they don’t live with you.After listening to consumer feedback, we are going to offer the option for borrowers to transfer their Netflix profile to their own account, and for sharers to more easily manage their devices and create sub-accounts (“additional member”), if they want to pay for their family or friends “.

This new policy could well allow Netflix to put an end to the successive increases in the price of its subscriptions, since the company had already accused subscribers who share their account of being responsible for the increase in prices. By invoicing each user of the platform rather than only invoicing accounts, Netflix will then be able to better cushion the production blow of its new series.

The company did not specify the price of these new fees when it confirmed its strategy. However, this system, already tested in some Latin American countries, charges a fee for each additional member, which is about a quarter of the price of a “standard” Netflix subscription. In effect, this test allowed viewers to watch Netflix in a single designated household, but subscribers were forced to pay an additional $2.99 ​​for each new household in which someone could stream Netflix through a given Netflix account.

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