Netflix will soon release an adaptation of the famous game Tekken

Tekken is a 3D fighting game that was released in 1994. The game was first developed by Namco and later picked up by PlayStation. Moreover, other versions of the game have also emerged.

The Netflix platform has already released an animated version of the game Dota 2, Castlevania and even The Witcher. Last Saturday, the platform’s managers announced that they will also produce an animated version of Tekken titled “Bloodline”. This adaptation will therefore be released during this year 2022 and Netflix has already released the first trailer for the anime.

What will be the context of the animation?

The script for the series will be taken from Tekken 2 and Tekken 3 which features Jin Kazama and his mother Jun Kazama. The story recounts the childhood of the protagonist as well as that of his grandfather Heihachi Mishima. Tekken is therefore the story of a family, that of Jin Kazama who is cursed because he carries the Devil Gene or the demon gene. Throughout the story, the family is constantly torn apart and drags the whole world into their personal war.

Since the animation will be between the two seasons of the game, the main character of Tekken 3 will also be present. Ogre will take its final form during the story. Paul Phoenix will also be present as Netflix enjoyed his performance in the animated ‘King of Iron Fist 3’. So far this is the information that we have been able to draw from the trailer produced by Netflix.

Who will be the characters in the story?

Apparently, the series ends with the third installment of the game. Because of this, not all Tekken characters will be present. However, it is possible to see some emblematic characters of the game, like King who we saw fighting Jin in the extract broadcast by Netflix. Or even Ganryu who is Heihachi Mishima’s bodyguard as well as Kuma, his pet bear.

Some sources claim that Hwoarang will make an appearance in the series, as he was Jin’s main rival during the game Tekken 2 and 3. So it’s possible that he won’t make a physical appearance, but may be in the form of flashbacks. This adaptation is therefore not far from the game, because the goal is to remain faithful to the atmosphere of the game. It is nevertheless possible that there is a part of the story which is not present in the game, but that is not far from the context.


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