Netflix’s live-action series gets its first teaser

While waiting for the arrival of the future Resident Evil live-action series from Netflix, the studio has given us a teaser that will remind players of bad memories.

Between the scenarios-pretexts which border on the ridiculous, the play of the actors often off the plate and the general contempt of a part of the industry towards the community of the gamers, to say the least, it is that movies and series based on video games are often quite catastrophic. Hopefully the next Resident Evil series, shot in live-action by Netflix, will do better; here is a first taste of the final result.

But as much to say it right away: those who hoped for a trailer in due form will be quite disappointed. Instead of giving us a few images, which would allow us to get an idea, Netflix gives us a short video of barely 11 seconds. And no condensed action or teasers that install an unbearable suspense; the excerpt presented shows us just one iconic enemy of the game, without any particular action.

In this case, it is the Cerberus, a dog transformed into a real weapon of war by the sinister Umbrella corporation. The mere memory of this filthy beast will certainly be enough to bring back terrible memories to the players of the first hour. On the other hand, for those who have never been chased by this concentrate of rage on all fours, there is simply nothing left to chew on, except for a taste of the atmosphere.

This time, is it the right one…?

It will therefore be necessary to wait for the release to know if this series will do justice to the franchise. And it is not a given. Because from Super Mario to Mortal Kombat via Street Fighter, we can no longer count the legendary franchises that have been soiled by little observant directors. And the iconic license that is Resident Evil is no stranger to this phenomenon.

Since the first attempt with Milla Jovovich in 2002, all films based on the series have proven to be exceedingly bad. And it wasn’t the recent Welcome to Raccoon City, again badly received by critics, that was a game-changer. So we’re really starting to wonder if a director will ever manage to come up with an interpretation that respects the basic material… The answer will come when Netflix launches the series, which should happen sometime in 2022. The exact date, however, still remains. unknown.

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