NETGEAR ORBI WIFI 6 router test

I already knew the Neatgear brand when Fredzone asked me to do the Netgear Orbi wifi 6 test, I had in my old apartment bought powerline adapters which had proven to be of great use in improving wifi connectivity between rooms. So, I am delighted to test this new product, having big connection problems between the floors of my new house which has old-fashioned, relatively thick walls and a family of 4 people connected at the same time on the web.


Sometimes, to remedy our connection problems, we pull Ethernet cables around the house, but this is temporary and cannot exist for the long haul. When we count the number of connected devices in the house, the result is astounding, 14 devices in our home! And I even think I forgot some. But by the way, who is Netgear? A listed IT company, which offers a wide choice of solutions to extend the Wi Fi network of its operator BOX.

As usual, let’s start with the packing, honestly when unpacking, the material exudes quality. The box contains a notice that invites the customer to download from their Apple Store or the Play Store, the Orbi App application to begin the experience. the Orbi router, the Orbi satellite, the Ethernet cable, two mains power supplies, and there are even adapters designed for other countries. The two Orbi devices look very similar, but be careful not to be fooled, the router can work on its own, but it needs satellites to function.

This is the principle of the Mesh network. Use several devices to create a sort of spider’s web that will cover all the rooms in my house and allow me to access a very efficient wifi network. So I understand that I can expand my fleet of satellites, it will suffice to connect it to my router as well. After the creation of a user account, I install the equipment, it does not seem complicated, but I ensure the blow by helping me, to do so, of a YouTube video tutorial.

The configuration with this video seemed to me to be more methodical and I was able to follow the different successive steps to the letter, which are:

  • Connection of my Orbi router on a router port of my Orange operator Livebox.
  • I turn on my Orbi router which is blinking and will stagnate its blinking once it stabilizes. I identify under the return the name of the wifi and the password.
  • I connect to my pc and check the available wifi. The Orbi wifi appears, I enter it and affix the security key which is on the back of the Orbi base.
  • The router retrieves the box network and displays the connected objects to me, at the moment, in wifi at home.

Honestly, it’s a snap to install and the very intuitive phone control app is easy to use. Unsurprisingly, Orbi recovers 100% of my fiber bandwidth, it’s quite impressive, 945 Mbps per second. The notice is explicit: ” WiFi 6 AX4200 is able to emit up to 4.2 Gbit / s to allow you at the same time to HD video streamer, play online, browse and download smoothly “.

The Orbi system allows you to cover up to 525 M2 and more than 40 devices at the same time, really nice not to lose connectivity wherever you are at home. We did the test to connect the 5 home computers streaming. What we could never do under penalty of cuts, and non-display of the pages. With the Orbi wifi 6 solution, we have all at the same time been able to benefit from a sufficient bandwidth. It’s really nice to see his connection very boosted.

We are with the telephone operator Orange, but the Orbi system is compatible with all internet service providers. In addition, I wanted to test also with devices that have wifi, but quite obsolete and the result was also good, because the Netgear Orbi has the latest WiFi 6 AX technology, compatible with all WiFi devices, including previous generation. The small regret observed for the relatively expensive price of the equipment, is the surplus to be added to benefit from parental security and threats from Bitdefender, around 70 € monthly, it stings …

Already equipped at home with a speaker connected with Amazon’s Alexa system, Orbi Wifi 6 is fully compatible with voice control, a small gadget that is more appreciable. As for the design of the cases, it is really well thought out by the brand, they have managed to make an object not really aesthetic at first glance, a very neutral rendering that goes well with most interiors. Having the satellite and the router in the middle of your living room is not unsightly.

Strengths and weaknesses of the NETGEAR ORBI 6

In summary, the product due to its price is a bit elitist, but the quality is there, and your connectivity problem is solved. I recommend this product.

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