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Neuralink: Elon Musk wants to start human trials next year

Elon musk has no shortage of crazy projects in mind, and the guy is probably right to dream with his eyes open since Tesla is now profitable and SpaceX has become the main private collaborator of NASA. With Neuralink, the visionary entrepreneur tackles another technological fantasy: the connection between man and machine… through thought (or rather here via commands induced by ECG signals).

Neuralink 1024x683

Ultimately, Neuralink’s device should not be more visible than headphones

The latest rather spectacular results from Neuralink (like this monkey who plays Pong without touching a controller) push the billionaire entrepreneur to accelerate the project. Musk now estimates that it will undoubtedly be possible to implant the first “human-machine interface” chips in a human brain as early as 2022, which would undoubtedly open up enormous prospects for people with multiple disabilities and therefore unable to use traditional interfaces.

In a statement to the Wall Street Journal, Musk thus states “Be able to implant this device in the first humans, who will be people suffering from serious lesions of the spinal cord, such as quadriplegics or quadriplegics”. The cybernetic man is on the move (no pun intended).

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