Never miss a beat with the knockout Ring Video Doorbell

The security of your home is priceless and with Black Friday there are plenty of devices on sale like the Ring Video Doorbell.

This promotion for the Ring Video Doorbell is an opportunity to perfectly complement the promo for the second generation Ring Alarm kit. This small camera is placed at the front door of your home in order to be able to interact with the people in front of it, and therefore, to see the person who could interfere in the heart of your home. Moreover, it is possible to acquire the Ring Video Doorbell separately, without having to buy other devices of the brand, which is practical if you only want the latter. You can find the Ring Video Doorbell at Amazon at a price of 79 € instead of 99 € or 20 € reduction.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

A very easy to install Ring Video Doorbell

Although the Ring Video Doorbell is one security device among many, this door camera is no less interesting. The latter will make it possible to have a first physical firewall in order to prevent burglaries. Thanks to its camera equipped with a sensor capable of filming in 1080 pixels, you will be able to monitor what is happening in front of your door with the best possible quality.

Once connected to your wifi network, you will be able to receive notifications when the physical button, which acts as a doorbell, is pressed, or when an individual approaches the Ring Video Doorbell. You will be able to interact with the ringers using the app specially designed for Amazon’s Ring suite.

In fact, you can even talk to them, thanks to the built-in speaker inside the Ring Video Doorbell. Of course, they will be able to answer you since the device has a microphone.

The Ring Video Doorbell is compatible with the Alexa voice assistant, which will allow you, among other things, to be able to communicate with the person behind your door with a speaker or an Echo. If you want to have more functionality like video recording, replay or the ability to share video, you will need to purchase a Ring Protect subscription. This subscription will cost you € 3 per month (for this device) or € 10 per month for all Ring security devices in your home.

In short, purchasing the Video Doorbell is the first step towards a secure home. Don’t forget that the Amazon Ring Camera Doorbell is currently on sale for € 79 instead of € 99 or € 20 off.

Take advantage of the offer on Amazon

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