New clones of the game appear on App Store

Josh Wardle is the creator of the Wordle game released in October 2021. Wordle is a great success on social networks. With its simple and Motus-like concept, it attracts players of all generations. It is playable once a day and on iPhone. Moreover, it is free unlike the majority of games offered on the App Store.

However, people took advantage of the success of “Wordle” and cloned the game on the App Store. Apple is not at all in favor of this practice of appropriating the work of others. So in January it removed all copycat games. However, new clones have just appeared!

Wordle and its imitations on App Store

Wordle is a very fun game. It consists of finding 5 letters to form a predefined word. You will only have six tries per day, and each correct letter placed appears in green. Hence its similarity to Motus. Besides, this game was not created for money but for entertainment. This game is one of the best applications on App Store, which is why there are many imitators despite Apple having already removed most of these imitations.

The second wave was not long in coming. New clones no longer directly impersonate Wordle, in that they no longer have the same name. They are renamed “Wordus”, “Word Guess”, “World”,… with thinly veiled references to the original. Most of these clones offer the same gameplay, same user interface, same design, even the same color palette as the original “Wordle” game. Moreover, these games do not respect the free context. Indeed, most contain advertisements or ask for optional purchases or subscription fees.

Apple is the master of applications on the App Store

In its policy and guidelines, Apple encourages developers not to plagiarize. Moreover, section 4.1 stipulates that Apple advises them to submit their own ideas. Not just copying the latest popular app from App Store with minor name or interface changes.

Admittedly, Wordle was bought by New York Times, but Apple gives the last word on the applications authorized or not on the App Store. So, since Apple already pulled out of clone apps earlier this year, many are wondering if the company would do the same this time around.


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